Dead Cyborg EP2

Episode 2 released!

Download link:


dude! nice, ben w8thing 4 this!

My only crit, is the type you’ve used. The story text is strong, and the typeface doesn’t reflect that. You could try with some cold sans serif. Just my 2 cents. :wink:

woooow, has been so long, i dont even remember how the last one ended, i guess i will have to play it again! im definitely going to download it!

This look awesome! I’d really like to play it but I couldn’t even run Episode 1 without ridiculous lag… Unless there’s a way to change resolution. I could probably run it very smoothly in a lower resolution.

Nice, I’ve been waiting for this one.

This is great man, good job!

without ridiculous lag…

I think it’s framerate drops. Lag is a internet connection ping thing. Is this is same developer that is making the Merlin3d engine? I saw Dead Man Ted or something on the Merlin3d thread and I thought that was on the same website.

Awesome endi, very exciting. It’s looking very awesome so far as I’ve played. I made a video playing through the first episode, if anybody gets lost. This video is actually my first time playing through it, so it might be a bit slow…

[Spoiler Alert!]

I really like it, there are some really nice moments with some of the puzzles, like the head which says “what a stupid place to put a button”.

However, some of the puzzles are becoming a little repetative, and sometimes it seems like I’m backtracking just to make the level last longer. Have you thought of having tile based puzzles, or combining objects? I know it would be difficult with the current game setup.

The outdoor areas look great, the distant background really gives depth to the areas. It feels like you are in an imersive environment.

Really nice work, as always, you troll. Can’t wait for mac build.

Just finished the game, and it was very well put together! Not to obvious, and I had to wander for quite some time to find where to go next. I love a good challenging game now and then! :smiley:
Looking forward to Episode 3!

This is a grand work and some one should give you a medal sir :slight_smile:

10 out of 5 stars!!!
Can you rub some of your mojo on our open team project Wrectified?

you silly people +5 star this thread!!!

Addictive game with good graphics and good story, I beleive that play many many hours :wink:

Been waiting for this! looks amazing, just downloaded it, cant wait to play it later.

EDIT: Just finished it, loved it cant wait for episode 3

The only thing is I was hoping for more of a dramatic ending or something more dramatic, but other then that it was really good.

Thank you folks.
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one of the best BGE games ever!

@endi: Did you program the game at all or is it all logic blocks? Or did someone on your team program it in Python? (perhaps same guy who programmed iOS game?)

From the looks of the blends, Endi did it by himself. He is using python scripts.