Dead Cyborg on IndieGoGo

Dead Cyborg is on IndieGoGo:

My goal is 5k dollars. BUT OF COURSE if the Paypal donations will reach the 3k dollars, I will publish the EP2. So the IndieGoGo campaign is an “overall” campaign. This means if I reach the 5k there, I will publish the EP3. I hope…

Share this please!!!
Thank you.

I’m confused. I thought “Dead Cyborg” was a donation-ware “pay me if you like this” game. Therefore if you got enough people paying for episode one you would make the second episode and repeat. And I also thought that Episode 2 was “65% finished” a year ago. I guess I just don’t understand these crowd-funding sites. Isn’t there usually some “perks” for those that donate?

Usually, yes.

So this thread is about giving money to Endi? That is not “Latest News”…

The site for Episode One says “Don’t forget. this game is free to play, but further episodes will be published after getting enough donation” and “the next episodes will come when enough donation is paid for the first episode.”

So if enough people liked the game and donated then the other episodes would be made. So I guess not enough people donated so he’s now asking for… donations. Endi told BlenderNation in October 2011 that episode 2 “progress reached 65% by right now” and the trailer was put on Youtube that same month.

So these donations are for something that people have already donated for? And for a project that might already be done? This sounds a bit dodgy to me.

Yeah a bit off topic. But more information from your site and here should help put it in the right category. For example, there is no mention of what you use to make it.

While I don’t care whether it is blender, Maya or Carrara… it would be good to have some substantial info here tying it in with this community. I only found one reference on your site to the Blender Game engine, which is cool. But no info here. Is it because you assume everyone here knows you and should know what you use? That is hard though when you always insult people here for using blender anyway.

You mention it is a donation based game. Cool! For those who donate what do they get out of it? Sponsor only Tutorials (easy a pish if you record everything you do while you are doing it), game art ebook or ‘making of’ DVD which inadvertently you could sell to raise more funds for your self (You are extremely talented in these areas)? But just as a measure of goodwill to those sponsoring you they should at least reap some benefit, because it seems everyone is able to download it for free when your done anyway. So where is the perk?

Then you have very vague details if you are even going to finish this project even if you raise your funds.

My goal is 5k dollars. BUT OF COURSE if the Paypal donations will reach the 3k dollars, I will publish the EP2. So the IndieGoGo campaign is an “overall” campaign. This means if I reach the 5k there, I will publish the EP3. I hope

I don’t have a problem with you doing what you are doing because unlike many projects that show up here, you finish what you start, just it does seem to be in the wrong thread the way you have it now. Maybe off topic chat if the info is not relevant here.

I hope this helps.

thank you guys, tipical “we need more features” blender users reactions… :frowning:

I’d say one of the problems are Endi’s puny english skills and thus his lack of advertisment…

“no need to tell you anything, try ep1 and give me your money” - Really?
And constantly condescending the community you try to sell to isn’t a smart move either.

Endi, I really love the work you’ve done with episode one, and I am actually one of your donors in the past.

I think indieGoGo is a good idea to get some funding, however: it takes much more than just a couple of badly written lines to convince people to invest in your game. Especially so on IndieGoGo, Kickstarter and other sites like these - just take a look at the marketing behind successfully funded game projects in the past on these sites:

  • weekly, if not daily, updates
  • different categories of funding / perks
  • personal attention (responses to comments, and so on)
  • personal videos
  • much more text, explanation about the game, why you are creating it, backgrounds, game design document, etcetera: whatever you can conjure up!
  • examples of game art (I know, you already finished episode 1, but show your workflow, art samples, etc.)
  • generate anticipation for your next episode. (check These guys do episodes as well.
  • and foremost, try to instill a sense of motivation and enthusiasm in your IndieGoGo project page (which is sorely lacking atm)
  • make yourself heard in a positive manner on all the forums.

A successful kickstarter/IndieGoGo project requires so much more than just what you have right now - and even with the additional effort success is not guaranteed…

I agree with grafixsuz that sponsors deserve more benefits. For example, a “how to” tutorial for parts of the game would definitely get some extra funding from me. Perks, perks! It’s not about “we need more features” - it’s about (sadly) creating a nice package deal for people to spend their money on. Game developing is as much about marketing as it is about the game itself these days (even more so with Kickstarter projects!)

And again: I am in awe of your first episode - I still play it sometimes because I enjoy the mood and atmosphere quite a lot.
I wish you all the best with your project.

I don’t really think that this is the wrong section for a thread like this and Indiegogo is a valid form of asking for donations.

However you are SEVERELY missing the point of trying to sell a product Endi, you are basically saying “Fuck you now give me your money” while continuing to be rude towards the people you are trying to advertise your product to.

While I thought that your first game was kinda cool (never played it though) I didn’t think that it was good enough to “pay for” so to speak, now with episode 2 you are basically showing the same game all over again, nothing new or innovative, thus I do not feel that I would gain anything new by donating to you now either. But let’s stop for a second and say that you actually did introduce new gameplay mechanics and your game is now worth paying for, I still wouldn’t buy anything from a prick who continues to insult me, at most I would pirate his game but I probably wouldn’t even do that.

My advice for you: hire a marketing adviser and a spokesman because you are simply not capable of selling a game with your people skills. Yes I am harsh, yes you deserve it.

I had a post with the exact same line but than I thought best not reply but that its it man. Dude you can’t insult people and troll them than come back to the same people and ask for donations and think they will support you.

I normally try to support anything Blender related but for endi? I’ll pass.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy endi bashing as much as the next guy but…locked