Dead dinner?

just for fun, i hope you like :wink:[/img]

could be much better IMO.

Gelutu: you might want to try and give some constructive criticism. Just saying that it could be better is pretty useless.

zhay13: I like the look of what you’re going for. The first thing that stood out to me was the upper body and skull of the skeleton looks really nice, but the hand lack the skeletal precision to match. Also, you might want to smooth the top of the desklamp, as you can see the faces pretty clearly at the top of the cone. Lastly, the top lip of the skull looks a little funny and it doesn’t appear that there are any teeth. Overall, nice job and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

your concept is great, but I have a feeling you kinda left it in the middle of the way, if you catch my meaning. It reaks unifinished.

Firts of all, your skull looks very good, but you should add some more details to it. Teeth etc.

Hands of your skeleton are well, even more unfinished looking. You should take a look at anatomy books to see how skeletal hands are really constructed. Needs a lot more work.

Also, might be my imagination, but did you recalculate normals? I am seeing some normal errors on the skeletal torso as in the hands.

The surroundings however is very good. I like those other objects. That’s why i felt so unhappy with that skeleton. It just does not fit in the scene. Not yet anyway.

I like the drinking glass a whole lot!

I agree with Hippie, though, there seem to be some normals errors on the skeleton.

Also, maybe you should add some more peas? :slight_smile:


Very origional, the lamp doesn’t look right though, isn’t the stand handle supposed to go into the top?