Dead Hour - Yaf(a)ray Contest "Crazy Machines"

Thanks for all the comments in the WIP thread!

looks great

Superb on the whole, modelling, lighting etc.

I’d suggest a little bit of colour correction because at the moment its all browns and greys, its lacks saturation imo making the colour scheme is a bit dull.

You are right; I add some saturation, thanks for the tip!

looks like you’ve got some (alpha color) problems against the background, but otherwise this looks fantastic!

W00tz its clock day! :3
(in case you didn’t know)

& long live the clocks.



cool! very nice scene. it made me smile, especially the look on the birds face :slight_smile:
takes a few secs to get the whole thing.

i like the modelling and the camera / composition.
not so sure about the lighting. looks a little to evenly lit for my taste. there are also pracically no shadows in it and i think you have the objects in that scene to make a very nice lighting situation.
that metal expander-thing would cast a very nice shadow across the bird or the clock.

Nice work.

One thing I noticed (and it could just be the perspective), is that the scale of the bird and metal extender seems disproportionately large compared to the house.

Thanks for the comments. Well, although there are some weak points I finished third in the contest. Next year will be better!

hi Mookie

It is a fantastic work period. I only miss a bit more worked out lighting and more weathering textures in the clock woods.

But the modelling is amazing and the bird is really awesome, It really feels like dead. I really like it.

Five starts here.

This looks really great, especially the textures.

I do see some sort of pixel fringing on some edges of the clock, though, and it’s kind of ruining the image for me.