dead leaf ( luxrend )

Here is my finished project: “dead leaf”
a luxrender!

its meant to be all old and stuff, thats why the noise was

c&c welcome

I like the effect of paper!!
Looks really good but i can’t see the leaf (not fully) which could be better l

Looks more as a test than a finished project.

To crit the actuall work: The leafs needs to hang down and more rounded look. Also when leafs get old, some curl and others fall off. Could be a nice touch to ad a leaf on the ground.

I think it would look nice if the leaf was a bit curled up as they can become when they dry. But I really love that it looks like it’s painted.

ill give it a go.

ok, hows this:

That looks really good. How long was your rendertime?

suprisingly 5mins!

Looks better. It would be cool if you had a window at the background. Just floating in the air. Like a frame or something.

ok, added some black frames.
what do you think?