Dead Link Society

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand why dead links to tutorials can’t be removed. Not just from here but at Blender main site too. Recently copied all Blenders tut links including all the dead ones ?? Doesn’t anyone care that dead links don’t only look cheap, they’re worthless. I think it’s time for a clean up, and you?

No, because those links can mostly still be found via


Well shouldn’t those links, link to and not 404? error? Come on Fligh%, we’re not all as clever as you :wink: …and did you, or did you not say mostly %| I comb my pets for fleas too, but like it?

From a beginners perspective, the tutorial collection is a really tiresome and frustrating way to try to learn blender.

  1. They are often very hard to follow, partly because they are hopelessly outdated and partly because they often are poorly written (writing clear and easy to follow tutorials are difficult).

  2. There is absolutely no organization since they are all written by different persons, and they too often focus on solving a specific “problem” (build a snowman) instead of focusing on one part of blender. The end result is that they are all overlapping, so that for each new tutorial you read, you learn 20 things that you learned 20 times before and (maybe) one new thing.

The video tutorials made by Metsys and Greybeard on the other hand are very very good. They focus on teaching one part of blender at the time so that they are not overlapping, and they are very clear well made.

I must admit I haven’t looked at too many tutorials because I quickly gave up due to the problems mentioned above (and the fact that I discovered the video tutorials). So there might be some hidden gems out there. But then, they shouldn’t be hidden but in a “the best of”-list.

Again, this is from a beginners perspective. For an experienced user that comes across a specific problem, the list might be very useful.

Regarding clean-up: Delete duplicates (if you can find the same information in another tutorial, keep the best one), delete dead links or copy the contents from to the wiki, make a condensed best-of list for beginners that don’t overlap too much (if possible).

Great work being down here
especially with the addition of version numbers! Believe this is the way to go. Still don’t understand the apathy here to get things together on Elysiun, Blenderartists or Blender site ?? And don’t store images forever which the rocket scientists might take into account too :wink:

Have personally reported numerous deadlinks to numerous sites and authors without effect = why I started this poll. Maybe I’m too ideallistic, but in my world a bad link like gets answered by - I’m sorry no lip sinc here, but maybe this link will help you on your way? Good luck!

Like I say I’m an idealist, so what you gonna do? Shoot me again?