Dead Pumpkin

Hello! I did sculpt for challenge, on the theme of Halloween, sculpt done in ZBrush and render in cycles.

Render 30 minutes + denoise, it is very well removes noise.

How do you think to improve render?

Looks great! wish it had a texture tho

looking good, interesting character but I think you should see if you can get some of those edges crisper. especially the pumpkin eye, and around that one hand that looks like a weapon. Then see if you can texture it. This is a great start. you should keep going till it’s complete and then can be a portfolio piece. Which isn’t *that much more work.
Also I really like the design of it. And getting a good design is really great if you have that.

I really like the hammer. The sculpting on the hammer looks pretty much complete to me. Compared to other parts. I like the tree root like feet. Really neat.

Good start on the pumpkin sculpture. Wonder what details will you add next :smiley: