Deadalus 001 Project

At Black Chilla Studio in our free time we are developing project which we call “Deadalus 001”. It is not exactly specified what it’s going to be. At this point it’s based on creating a massive spaceship environment and in generating our own sci-fi universum. Mostly a lot of sketching, painting, writing and modeling. In all of this creation process we’re making tons of 3d modular objects. Lately We decided to share some of our work in hope that someone else shall find it useful as well. So, We’ve gathered stylistically matching models and put ‘em together into this presented model pack. As a presentation of what can be done with delivered models a short animation was created as a so called “trailer”

Here Is few examples of how models are made:

I hope that You will like it.

For more info visit out site:!/sci-fi-model-starter-pack
For the pack visit:

Wow that looks like it was a lot of work!

Thank You SandraDau - indeed it took some time. Soon video is going to be updated with corrected version :slight_smile: