DeadByte Studios Recruiting

Hello everyone.
We are looking for people willing to join a team.


The Island,is an open world survival game,the game is set on a mysterious japanese island theater of experiments on humans during WWII.

The game has many features of the other survival games(crafting,scavenging,hunting,eating…and so on) but the main features of the game is the weapon crafting,every material and object found on the island can be combined to create some weapons and tools.

Here few models/concepts:

More about the game can be seen on fb page:


  • 3d Character Artist - Someone able to create humans

  • Animator - We are out of animators at the moment so this is what we need most


  • No need to have previous experience,but a minimum of skills are necessary
  • Can work atleast 5 hours weekly
  • Only serious people
  • Some unity knowledge preferred


Contact us with a link to your portfolio or some reference of your previous works

Mail : [email protected]
Skype : Costan83
Here or Fb page

Thanks everyone