Deadine 6 Renderfarm: Overwriting frames?

Hey gang, anyone at a facility that’s using Deadline? Here’s what’s happening:

The farm here at work has 400 nodes. Blender works wonderfully with Deadline but the farm nodes are only capable of CPU rendering of course. I have two boxes in my office both with Nvidia GTX 690’s. Depending on the scene the GPU rendering is anywhere from 5x to 10x faster. I was sending jobs to Deadline and then kicking off the two boxes in my office to contribute to the same render directory (this is all on the same server). In the render settings of the bl file I have “overwrite” turned off and “placeholder” turned on, however…

Deadline is not seeing the frames that the two boxes in my office are rendering, it overwrites them. I’ve looked through the Deadline options and don’t see anything like “skip existing frames” in the bl module. The farm wrangler here said that other packages have something like “skip” in their Deadline module…Any experience or ideas with this issue?