deadline approaching

Is anybody actually going to submit a work to my Photorealism contest? I have extended the deadline to Dec 5th due to a predicted downtime of my site.

For the contest rules (as well as where to submit your entires) go here:

If nobody is going to submit anything (or if you are working on it and it isn’t ready yet), I will extend the deadline a few months.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but did you post a thread announcing this?

I never knew that this was going on.


I posted a thread annoucing this when it started (about 2 months ago) as well as about a month ago reminding people.

i’d like to enter, but my problem is i’m trying to get too much detail and not progressing any further. if you’d extend the deadline till, say, february when Tomb Raider AoD comes out (no connection, but i think it’s gonna take me that long to finish). Or maybe, change the deadline from time-based to entry-based i.e. when you have 10 or 15 entries, the contest is closed.

I understand how long photorealism takes to achive. I am highly considering extending the deadline, especially considering there are no real entries yet. :frowning:

I would probably extend the deadline to somewhere near the middle of February.

An entry-based solution dosn’t seem to be the greatest idea, but I will consider it depending on demand.