Hey guys here is an image that I’ve been working on for the Blender guru Christmas Competition.

Please give your honest feedback.



Amazing. This looks amazing but as i look down santa i notice the shoes don’t quite fit the cartoony look of the face. Ass a bit more shine to the shoes and this would be perfect

His clothes look really comfortable and warm. Very well done.
By the window it’s looking really cold and empty. I think it would add much more story to the setting if you could see some reindeer and a sleigh with lights, especially with some nice DoF.

Love the hair and fur! I agree with the shiny “ass” shoes… (sorry I could not resist) There seems to be too much dark space in the upper right side. Perhaps if you add a tree in the background or some lights through the window.

Great job so far!

OK, here is an updated version of the pic.

Nice addition, but it still feels like there is a void :confused:
What if you take the camera back and zoom in? Would make it look like he is looking into the distance, instead of at the viewer as if looking for help.