Deadly System crash on Windows ME..need help

Alright, it used to work on my computer, but now it will spontaneously just freeze the whole thing, forcing me to double-ctrl-alt-del for a restart, I am/was using Blender 2.1, and was going to upgrade but the site was down.

While posting this, I found a link to a Blender download, so I’ll go try the new version asap, but if anyone has any help for this, and as a warning, V 2.1 just started crashing for no reason.

256 RAM [I have an extra 256 I am too lazy to put in…hehe]
20gig HD

It worked fine before :confused:

GRRR. Just installed newest version, and guess what. Three tries, three crashes. sighs

Is there anyone out there with any help?

No help yet…hehe…

Well, from some experimentation:
Blender still just freezes spontanouesly, but usually does it after I lattice something?

Is there anyone out there with any help?

yeah. stop using ME and either go back to win98CE or NT/XP


Don’t listen to Martin, @nuke ME and install Linux :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO it is a problem with your graphic card drivers…


Well, it’s 98SE, not CE…hehe :slight_smile:

But well, I have a GeForce 256, driver’s are up to date and everything, is it really ME or is it something else?

I really need some help here guys…

I use ME and it works perfectly with TNT2 Graphics card. My guess is to get the lattest drivers.

Its got nothing to do with ME.

Nims :smiley:


Just updated my drivers, and to no avail. It still hangs up on me.

kicks Blender

Alright, here’s my solution:

For the past few years I keep wobbling on the idea of actually getting linux. I was once really interested but it quickly faded, I just read up a good bit on Mandrake Linux, however, I’m on a 56k, so gigs of downloading aren’t possible[I know the 650meg file is the only REQUIRED one].

BUT, next time I go to the local store, I will see if they have linux, if not, I’ll have to wait until we goto Jackson next[where the mall is, and compusa, and bestbuy].

I will hopefully continue to use Windows ME AND linux, not sure though, might try to get a new HD too, anyway, one question of mine is if linux can run most, or any of the windows programs[such as quake, ultima online, adobe photoshop, etc…], also if you ever find a fix to the blender crash in ME tell me :slight_smile:

Go here, they are super smart techies

I had the exact same problem while I was running WinME. Blender crashed my computer(really hard to get out of. Sometimes ctrl-alt-del didn’t even work!).

The only solution was to downgrade(is there such a word) to Win 98 SE.

You might try deleting the .B* files (( .B.blend , .Bfont , .Bfs , .Blog ) in the Windows directory. That can solve some version specific problems.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one w/ problems…LOL

Anyway, I bought Mandrake Linux 8.1 PowerPack Edition AND a new 60 gig HD!! WHOOT!

I just wanted to know if anyone with good linux experience would be able to answer this question:
ME is on my 20 gig HD, and after I put the 60 gig in with it, will I be able to install linux to the 60 gig and still be able to dual boot AND will I have to partition the new one?

Thanks in advance!!!

You’ll have to make the windows drive the boot drive, then install linux on the second drive. Shouldn’t be a problem (One among many other stupid things to say) to set up, easier than sharing a drive. Partitioning is part of the install boot, root, usr and swap as a min.

Erm, can you please clarify that? please, lol

If possible, just tell me how I’d go about installing linux on the second HD and such, like tell me what I should do differently and all that…if it’s not too much trouble… =)

Mucho Thanksos in advance!

Read the documentation that came with the Linux distibution. Set the BIOS to boot from CD, insert the first Linux CD and boot up. READ EVERYTHING, ReRead EveryThing again, choose the defaults, choose the harddrive you want to install to, Read EveryThing again, make sure you answered all the questions (correctly), click INSTALL, Read and follow any and all instructions, take the suggestions for defaults (unless you know for a fact that they are wrong) they are normally correct. Linux is very easy to install (it wasn’t always so), I find it easier to install than winblows (it all most always works on the first install, unlike windows). If you get into it and make a mistake or don’t understand something, cancel the install and try again, after you figure it out. The biggest problem I’ve had in the past has been choosing the screen resolutions I want to use (it lets you choose several)
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS: UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE CLICKING BEFORE YOU CLICK IT :wink: and DON’T tell it to format your Windows drive, and it may ask to do just that, just say NO!, if it askes to you probably answered a question wrongly.
And if all else should fail Read the instructions!

Alright, all questions answered but one, will I be able to dual-boot with windows on one physical HD and linux on the other?


Absolutely. During the install it will ask you what boot manager you want to use. No need to make any changes or choose anything other than the default (a little dialog pop’s up on your screen during this process allowing you to add and remove OS’s from the list - there will be more than 2 but I forget what they are - I think there were a couple of safe mode options etc…). On your next reboot you will see a graphical screen come up and you will be able to use the up and down arrows to move through the OS choices.


oh, and if there will be any special things I have to do TO get it to be able to dual boot



I don’t have time to install it just yet, but this afternoon when I get home I am going to put her on, thanks you two for ensuring me! =)