Deadpool Fanart

Hey this is the start i got for a deadpool- fanart i did a bit of redesign its VERY unfinished but i d like to hear what you think of the basic concept i plan on addint a real BG instead of the backdrop btw also the front gun should be firing etc. who knows if you got a good idea i might implement it this project uses the desert eagle model i posted in the foused critique section for topology advice unfortunately i didnt get feedback yet cheers :slight_smile:

im sorry for the low samples B)

Nice artwork Blenderer. Can you post it on BlendSwap?

Quick small update haven’t had much time on the weekend to bring the project forward :slight_smile: @Hans Zimr which model would you like to acess in particular? I can say that i won’t upload the whole project at this point (maybe later)

quick update: :slight_smile: making the vest really grungy; also done sculpting details on the suit & started to model assets from the sculpt already (shoulderpad). Enjoy!