Deads' Dance

(WizardNx) #1

Hi every blenderheads !

I’m working on this anim…

I very love armatures !!!
If you think this is a little too faster, i know…
I’m animating this skeleton with a music… it’s for that…

(excuse my english :slight_smile:

See this, it’s very great !!!

Bye !

(TurboG) #2

Wow. Great Modeling! What that in its hand though? A stick? It only shows for a second and I can’t tell…Can’t wait to see it when the whole animation is done

(ScottishPig) #3

Good modelling, great texturing… but slow down the animation. I barely caught glimpse of certain parts and I’m still not sure as to what it was I saw. (I am still looping it.) But the skeleton is great… good to see you making use of the armatures. You’re the next Lyubomir. :wink:

(blengine) #4

wiznx i found it! :wink:
downloading…downloading…::plays game and waits:: done!!!
oh man! scary shit! thats so freaky…great movements, this is an excellent anim :o

(WizardNx) #5

Thanx for you compliment…

Yes yes the animation is too fast, but it’s normal ! Cause i’m animating this skeleton with a bg music… So the skeleton do his movements with the music…

But when it will be finished, it will be veryyyyyyy great !!!

Thanx !

(dreamsgate) #6

Very good. Keep us posted.