DeadSigns - A video game made with Blender and Unity

Hello there !

This topic is about a game called DeadSigns. He will be out the 1st of july 2020 on Steam and we work on it actively since 7-8 months on our free time. I’m the developper/graphist and i’m helped with a sound designer (actually he is doing a lot more than just sound design :grin:).

I made a lot of the game assets with Blender for the modeling/animation and Substance Painter for the texturing. We develop on Unity with the brand new HDRP render pipeline (which allow us to do volumetric and great atmospheres).

The game is about surviving in a forest and reach the best score on the leaderboard. It is the first game mode available in ten days, and after we planned to do several other game modes (the next is a manor in a resident evil style and less “action based” like this first mode).

DeadSigns on Steam
DeadSigns website
DeadSigns trailer

The game will be released in three languages : Corsican, English and French. After the release date we want to do a lot more with updates (we planned at the final stage to do a multiplayer mode). Do not hesitate to support us and to give your opinion on the game !

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The game is finally out ! To remind you, it is an Early Access game, with for now not to much of content. But it will progress because we maintain the development !

If it is in your budget give it a try !

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