"Deadstar" Anime Short Film

I’ve just completed an animated short film in anime style. I’m not sure whether it is ready for submission to film festivals or contests yet. Please let me know of any faults or problems you notice. Thanks a lot.


Three technical animation points I noted:

  1. Your characters blink very slowly. If you have a camcorder or web-cam I recommend filming yourself blinking to get the timing right.
  2. At about 2 minutes in when your hero is scanning with the “Radar gun”, his elbow moves in and out oddly. Assuming you are using IK with a polar target for the elbow you may want to move the polar target away from the character.
  3. Your characters seem to have the same lip movements for every sound. If this is true I recommend adding some of these. If you’ve done proper lip-syncing then it is not coming across in the animation and you may want to modify your mesh or materials.

As for the story, I have three things again that are bugging me:

  1. I don’t get how the red people with coins and mohawks fit into the story.
  2. The threat to the characters is under defined. You need to give some context for the meteor/deadstar. Is it going to hit a planet? Without this context we can’t really appreciate why the hero has to kill his friend to stop it.
  3. In the scene where the hero is trying to restrain his sword I never get the feeling he’s trying very hard. I think you need at least one shot where he’s putting all his weight back, grabbing the blade with both hands and straining.

Hope that helps.

The visuals are actually not bad, but I agree with Lamhaidh. I’d define the story better. The animation isn’t that good, but it kinda works. Keep working, and in your future work focus more on the communicating the story and getting reference for animation movements (like filming yourself do the actions and imitating it perfectly, using the film as a background image).

Overall, nice job.

Josemaria RRA