Deadstar Season 2 - L.U.M.A.

Made an announcement video featuring the new character L.U.M.A. who is voiced by Michelle Ruff (Rukia from Bleach, Nagato from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Hi - what kind of critique are you looking for here? Is there any specific area that you’d like us to comment on, that you’d like to improve?

whats all the yellow stuff on the jacket and face?

yeah sorry i should have posted this in finished projects. is there a way to move a thread?

just re-post this thread in finished projects and wait for someone elese to delete this. :wink:

ok great thank you!

your welcome :wink:

I am mentally flipping an infinite amount of tables right now because you managed to land that voice actress on this… If you will excuse me, I have more tables to flip.

hopefully the tables dont have food on them. well if there is food on them it better by eggplant or zucchini.

I don’t even like that produce! If I come across one I’ll flip it for ya. I still envy you for managing to land her.