Deadwood Cabin


im gonna place an architecture in the place of the boxe, i dont know yet how its gonna look like.
photoscanned assets from quixels!

i need to adjust every bark colors, put a lake with some morning breeze volumetrics, and place some vegetations in the backgrounds… already at 30 000 000 tris :zipper_mouth_face:


Love this ‘impossible’ scene !!!

straight away it makes me think about 2001 space odissey !
Make this cube black and let the viewer ‘imagine’ :wink:

congratz !

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i liked this houise so i model it into the environnement, gonna have an extension, simila form on her light side :slight_smile:

finally i’ll put field instead of a lake

still have more work

i will need some plants …
and some interior stuffs


high poly AF… even if everything is instanced, the trees are also decimated to its minimum, i could bake billboard trees but im not wasting my time with that, its just too high poly anyway so lets go with it. its a shame parralax is not included inside of blender, i could just bake all the extreme scanned high polysmeshes ( in the front = 27 000 000 polys ) into low polys with some sexy custom parralax height map…

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Hey @BD3D , did you consider using an auto-retopology tool/workflow to reduce your poly count. Check this addon: BakeMyScan (I suggest especially Instant Meshes or Quadriflow tools). It provides almost same quality with a lot less dense mesh.
Remeshing/Baking times might not be fun though :sweat_smile:

good idea

im not convince that a normal map will do the job as right as true geometry.
that’s why i want parralax occlusion mapping so bad in blender, there is no alternative to geometry displacement

having 500 000 instances and having 5 instances have the same impact on memory ? does it ? because after i created my forest and field i got +10Gb of memory taken, what the heck is this…

speaking of field, i could spend a lot more time tweaking it and making it looks perfect but, well, i will add some fog over it and we will not see this zone well. 'dont want to get stuck on some details for an eternity

True. Especially it’s hard to preserve tiny geometries such as leaves and branches etc. But I find such assets (scans) are -most of the time- unnecessarily dense. So, with right settings you still preserve true geometry.
There is also a method in combination with weight painting (check description of this):

I don’t know much about parallax but maybe vector displacement could be a way to tackle it.

I have no idea how instances impact memory really and would like to know too.

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no vector displacement still need geometry to displace the mesh, im talking about this.
this is the displacement fo the video-game industry, no geometry needed and it run real time. really convincing, sort of like a normal map on super steroid.

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TEST RENDER with morning breeze, need to adjust density

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i just did some test with instancing, a geometry that take 500Mo of vram, i instanced 10x time i got 5Gb of vram taken… the correct way to do it is with GROUP INSTANCING… i really think its stupid… instances and group instances should have the SAME rendering behaviors, i really dont see any reasons its not doing it …

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Instancing works fine on 2.79.6 , so I think it’s not implemented in 2.80 yet. You could try to file a bug report.

i try on 2.79 and last release of 2.8 are you shure? . is it my pc ???

could you test it please it take 2min??? do a render with a suzanne and a subsurf-modifier set to 5 iteration, 500 000 faces. and apply it. see how many vram (i got 117mo)

then alt-d suzanne 10 times and see the vram result (i got 1150mo)

Yeah, I’m sure, here is my test result (I meant render memory btw):

Applied Suzanne 5 level subdivision in 2.80:

in 2.79.6:


well my 2.79.6 version specifically also have this problem, how weird :slightly_frowning_face:
i will report this as a bug tomorrow

quite a drastic post process

final image :

i really should move from Ps to compositor, i feel like using Ps like that is cheating