Deafault or rounded ? What do you prefer ? Make a new theme !

I prefer the rounder theme, it looks more futuristic and the orange also looks cool, Lets do new themes and post them here !

I will start my one, i’ve never done one for me :stuck_out_tongue: , c’mon drop your one here !

I prefer rounded, but I’m going to make my own version of it soon. Maybe next week. I a green and brown one before, but I don’t think I still have it.

btw, how do you post one on the forum? What do you mean?

not rounded but with a different color set up

ok, here’s mine.
Put on your sunglasses!
Also there’s a list I made here of some repositories.
If your really game, try a Dark Theme, set your font to Comic Sans.
Then use my Icons too!

I actually made themes for a couple of days, long ago, just for the fun of matching colors and colorful they were. Way too much.

Theming is the most personal business… I don’t think that, among those who take the trouble to theme their Blender, there will be two user in total agreement, ever. Thar reassures me somehow and makes me smile.

The theme that I’ve been using now for the last 2 years was developed little by little, on need-to-see-what-you-do basis: I got rid of the color code for the buttons because the devs didn’t respect it themselves since long. I did put some color in the menus, Outliner and Text Editor to taste and to see. I didn’t change much to other editors that themselves use a lot of different colors: IPO, sequencer…

Here it is:

It’s OK if you don’t like it. :slight_smile:


I am actually using Dark theme and I have to say it is very nice and saves eyes.

It can be downloaded here:

There are other “funny” design or colour palette issues in standard Blender interface like pink colour for selections, violet colour in some colour sliders or pretty ugly blue colour in World setting :-(((

EDIT: Here is B.blend for the Dark theme:

I agree about the funny settings.
Too bad that I’d have to download a whole build of Blender, not necessarily compatiblle with my OS, just to have a look at that Dark theme.


For theme making madness, try out:

Setting the gray variable to true can actually give some nice values that could be further tweaked to goodness. Otherwise, well you’ll see. Its perhaps the most un-useful script I’ve ever written (well python wrote it, I just told python how to…), but occasionally you can get a chuckle or two out of it.

My theme:

Hi, here is the Dark theme by arenyart, from his svn 16235 build.
place the script in your python scripts directory.
update menu’s,
then run the script from Scripts/Themes.
to save a theme simply Export/Save Current Theme.

i like the default theme cause im used to it

it looks like rounded is winning ;D