Deagle, my first gun model.

Please tell me how to improve !!!

I asked my friend for a model challenge and he posted me a link to the famous hand cannon, desert eagle. I tried my best to complete it. This is my first gun model.

Made in Blender.

One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with photographs from These photographs may not be redistributed by default; please visit for more information.


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Also I’m inclined to make my models used in game development. But when I import it into Unity, the model looks glitched. It looks like all the ngons are missing. So, what is a good way to reduce ngon and make them into tris, or prevent import glitch in general?

First of all, I know the structure of the forums is a bit confusing but take care to post your threads in the correct sections:
Work in progress section to ask for feedbacks and help during the work
Support->modeling section to ask for help on a specific modeling task
Focused critiques section to ask for feedbacks on almost finished work
Finished projects section to show off and take feedbacks on finished work

try those 3 ways to generate triangles:

  1. Triangulate modifier
  2. Select the ngons in edit mode and Ctrl+T
  3. select 2 vertices and click “J” key (or Ctrl+V ->connect vertex path) to join those 2 vertices with an edge (manual method with more control over topology).

Oh hey, that triangulate modifier worked instantly. Thanks for the help on that !
So this is almost a “Finished project” now. When I import it into Unity the geometry is all fine. Except the textures and materials.
I watched several different tutorials and baked the textures and materials several different ways, none works. I did see the baking progress bar in Blender. However, it was just grey in Unity. What is the critical step I have to take to bake it and import it into game engine correctly? Should I save all the images that are used to bake?
I know it might not be proper to ask here but I can’t find a way to move my post. Would appreciate if my last problem is solved here !