Dealing with a lying child

Well decided that since everyone and his brother were making the teddy bear from tudor4u that I might as well use it. Learned a lot from this cycles animation. I used an old model for the woman that didn’t have good topology and it was hard to animate. Next time, I’ll just make a new one. Hair with linked assets is a (well) bear. Cycles took forever to render. I built a new machine to just render this one out and it still took a while. Got the average frame down to about 3:10 minutes by fiddling with branched sampling controls. I got a lot of tips and pointers here. Appreciated it. Next one I hope will improve a lot more.:smiley:

Haha, this made me chuckle, great job! Though it was kind of scary when mom was brandishing that knife starting 1:00 :slight_smile:
Btw 3:10 is really fast, my latest cycles animation in HD was taking ~22 minutes per frame on CPU and about half of that on GPU.

Thanks. I turned the samples as low as I could. Used a lot of render layers using images. Turned up samples on the ones that needed it layer by layer and found that helped a lot in speeding it up. I was using a 4790k chip, but I didn’t overclock it.

Pretty good. Animation’s stiff but pretty good.