Dealing with scale

Evening blenderists…

I’ve recently delved into the game engine a little - not to create complex games but to have a tool to explore my cityscapes and make them available to other people as walkthrough /drive through “games”. (Though I’m kind of flirting with learning some FPS tricks at some point).

Just recently I appended a car / tyre/ camera combo I found here on the forums to one of my cities and I was blown away! Suddenly I could drive through my blends in game mode and it wasn’t even rocket science. A whole new world…

The whole thing got a little awkward though when I tried to scale the car and tyres down to match my city scale (1 unit = 1 m is my preferred scale). Rather than just getting smaller, the tyres were suddenly all wrong (mostly too far away from the body of the vehicle), or the car would get bogged down or a number of other weird phenomena, depending on how much I had scaled it.

I must be doing something wrong. I’m told I have to press ctrl + a and choose one of the scaling options after resizing my car, but none of them seems to do the trick.

I have a gazilion more questions related to the game engine but this seems to be the right place to start.


Marco :slight_smile:

Can’t say for sure without having looked at the blend, however what I do know is that most of the sensors (the logic blocks on the left side) rely on distances which are set as numbers that don’t scale when you shrink an object.

So for example if an object uses a “near” sensor, you need to tell that sensor to activate when it detects something within (say) .2 units. If you shrink the object to 10% of it’s original size, often you’ll need to adjust the sensor to .02 (.2 x 10%). Bear in mind though that you do get some wierd physics stuff going on if your scale is too extreme in either direction.

Hah, thanks! I was expecting something of the sort. Can’t find any numbers in the logic window that look like they could be “it”. Are you talking about “Radius”, “RotDamp” and the like? I can myke you a litle test.blend if you want.

Marco :slight_smile:

EDIT: Found the sensors, but nonoe of them appears to be set to “near”. for the car’s body. The tyres don’t have any sensors.


The red car thingie next to the yellow sports vehicle - that’s how big a car is in my town.

For what it’s worth - I tracked the problem to the script window (“”). Made a pretty good car to match my city’s scale by experimenting with the tyre coordinates. :smiley:

Now for the FPS template … :eek:

I feel kinda receptive to this code/game engine thing just lately. Never thought I’d ever hack into python files …