Dean Leysen: Good morning Internets

Hello to those who are reading this,

Something like four months ago I started working on this animation for a youtube vlogger, Dean Leysen, as at the time he was taking in animations to use as intros to give them more publicity. At first I was going to do a stopmotion, but then someone else beat me to it. So then I decided to make a 3d animation… but then I lost most of the motivation after completing about half of it. Since then, I’ve worked on it sparingly until now when I’ve finally completed it! Pretty pathetic timespan, but oh well.

Youtube HD link!

So, as far as what I tried out and what went horribly wrong in the animation, this was the first time I created a semi-“realistic” human, so the modeling is super-sketch. It was the first time using hair as actual hair, and the first time I had even tried to do lip syncing. Which didn’t work really. But I guess having the lips move in semi-random ways whilst the character is meant to be speaking is better than having them not move at all. I also created the rotating world part of the scene before I had done much work with oceans, so it looks quite bad. In fact, since making that portion (which was one of the first things I did several months ago), I’ve done a bunch of experimenting with different methods to creating oceans…until I came across the ocean build! (And am now very happy that it was brought back into the official blender builds!)

So, in general, any suggestions critique are hugely welcome!

I think it has impact, very dynamic, i really like the clip originality. Obviously the character animation are always hard to do but you are in the right direction, perhaps more refinement in the character, more expressive could make it look way better, i repeat you are just in the right direction.
Keep it up!

Thanks for the response :slight_smile: So did you find that the movement of the character’s arms were most out of place or were you also referring to the face? Indeed, I just need to practice doing things like this, not magic beyond that