Dear all,how could i make a column of vertices positioning on 1 direction linearly?

just like this,if i select 100 vertices of one mesh objects,and i want this vertices arranged like pictures above,how could i implement it???i have already tried Rotate tools and Propotional Select tools,both can not work.

need you help,thank you!:stuck_out_tongue:

If I understand your question, you want to start with a vertical column of vertices and transform them into to an angle but have them stay in a single line.
If that is correct, proportional editing should work. Did you make sure you only selected the top vertex, set the proportional type to constant, and enlarged the effect area to encompass all but the first vertex?
That is how I would attempt this but maybe I am not understanding completely.

Place a plane where you want the vertices to go. Set the snap tool to closest face and enable “project individual elements”. Align your view so that it faces the desired direction. The simply grab the vertices and move them as little as possible to project them onto the plane. By creating a temporary transform orientation you can get perfect precision.

Why not just use the array modifier, with an empty as control object?