Dear Blender Artists,

I do have a problem with Blender Armature , when i try to set Armature parent to “Any sorts of an options in the box” my model becomes deformed . Armature as you can see in attached screens stays as it was before applying “Set parent to”. I can’t continue my project just because of this “bug” , can anyone help me to solve it?

Thanks a lot for your response,

Sincerely Yours, Rule

Make sure all scales are (1,0,0) before parenting.

My apologies maybe for wierd question but what you mean by that “all scales should be 1,0,0?” If i do change scales 1,0,0 (X,Y,Z) my armature becomes just a simple line same with my model, could you please correct me?

Sorry my fault. I meant (1,1,1).

Your description sounds a bit like scaling problem. But I can’t tell if it is the case.

Sry that didn’t help at all ( Any more suggestions?

Ctrl + A > Scale?
That is a lot of vertices, for the detail on the character. Make sure you use poly’s wisely instead of just slapping modifiers onto it.
Super-high detailed characters (regarding games), are at most around 100,000 (this is with wrinkles etc.)

You also might want to check your modifier stack order.

Thanks a lot , I love blender artists forum !!! ))) I finally made it , thanks for ur help guys ! MoNster and Thatimaster ty :wink:

Guys one more simple question , how to make “Clothes” follow the arms/leggs bones etc. while in Pose mode?

Either model them around your character and then copy the vertex bone groups to certain parts of the clothes, or easier, just change the characters arms + chest to clothes. Most games/animmations use the second option, since you can’t see the skin anyway.