Death Cavern

I put aside all My Other Game projects for this special one :smiley: Death Cavern. It sorta like a classic D&D style. I’ll have some screenshots posted soon! hope this game is successful.

There’ll be multiple lvls and you can upgrade your weapons in dungeons.

Not sure about the lvl designs yet i just know their’s gunna be a Max of 5 levels. [depends on the length of each individual lvl] Well you start as this kid who goes to a fighting school, and as your in your Sorceror room [this will all be a cutscene] you just learn the power Force feild when the school just blows up, while doing the force feild for the first time you survive. But no one expecting this and having their force feilds up they all die. Then you find a whole in the ground and that’s where the Death Cavern Legendary treasure is. And it’s also where they keep all the deadliest creature’s alive to use them in wars. Now you, must learn the ways of the dragonmasters and fight your way through multiple levels.

Uh Oh, here we go again. No Marshal don’t say it dont say it again! :smiley: Good luck with that. I was thinking about doing something like that but more like untold legends, but I decided not to. So good luck with yours. YES! I wasn’t mean! :slight_smile: even though I should of for this seems imposible for you, well me too. How do you suppose you will do all of the explosions of the school…you seem ahead of yourself.

~Thats all i’m saying.

“I put aside all My Other Game projects”

That’s how i’m going to do it :wink:

Seems ambitious. Good for you! Anyway… put some more thought into the story if it’s going to be an RPG, please ;).

Well the beginning that I posted is def. the beginning, but I need a good storyline for the rest of it… any suggestions?

BTW i have one of the Enemy sketches done check it out!

Now i’m tracing it and coloring it.

Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

13, Y? i’m in 8th grade.

I see. Well, that answer allocates ample annotation… Oh well. Keep working on your game I suppose.

It just explains alot.

Im not sure what to say…hmmmm…How long have you had the idea of this game cause you have been coming up with some “difficult” game ideas lately. Here is what I say you do. Right down all of your ideas of games on a paper. Including level ideas and character concepts. Make pointers so you wont forget storyline etc. Then make a simple, BUT fun ball game. Everyone starts off with a ball game, or atleast they should. In the ball game practice IPO’s / action editors for doors, elevators, etc. This will help with death cavern cause im sure there will be different rooms and floors. Also try making bad balls and make it to when they hit you or touch you it goes to a different scene. For there will be lots of enemies in any game. Read up on the " human body" for your characters. There is much much more to read up on but these are just a few, try the wiki blender sight. Then once you feel like your actually ready ( i know you might think your ready, but trust me, nobody is ready) dig out those old papers where you wrote down your ideas and get to work. I would start off by posting “good modeling concepts” i say good cause in a few months when you look back at those old papers, your gonna want to change it a bit. After you get good replies from those, post your main character and bad guys. Then when thats all done start a level. Then people might want to help out. BUT plz take my advice, you need to start off with something simple. I am not great at blender. Actually I recetly got stuck in a game… so… I went back to the old ball games and im working on one now. That Im pretty sure I might finish it. :slight_smile: So take my advice, Bye.


im 13 too and i think youll end up needing help with this because i dont think there is a 13 year old
with a enough experience to complete a large project like this.

I know. But it’s impossible to become experienced if you don’t try and fail. Believe me when i say that. [I had blender for 2 years and in those 2 years all i did was try, and then give up. I never actually tried and failed, b.c i always give up b4 I failed so this time i’m gunna try and fail probually. But i’m taking marshal’s idea of the ball game]. I’m gunna make Death Cavern [Ball edition] :wink: when you do the adventure as a ball :smiley: Then i’ll make the real thing

Good going, listen to us ahem older guys. We really do want to help you, but if you say “screw you” it does not go well with anyone. We all made mistakes and we want to share that knowledge with you.

I am 28 and I have had blender for close to 8 years now. Good luck :slight_smile:

YES!!! do that, and in the end it would be even funner for I was going to make a game like cystal maze, but I decided to make a ball game version of it. Im glad you thought of that cause I forgot to mention that. :wink:

Age doesnt have as much to do with creating a game as expirience does. When i started BGE, i thought i would be making complicated (close to xbox) games. You may have to fail a few times (not saying death cavern will fail) to figure out how much work goes into the most basic video game. I work for several months on my “mine carts” game which is esentially garbage now that i look at it. It was a good concept, executed poorly. In any case, I wish the best of luck to you and your game, and ment no offense if it sounded that way, Im just not sure if you understand what you up against.

-good luck!

Fogive me Self-Adhesive but Age does have something to do with it. If he is 13 now and has been using blender for 2 years…that means he was 11 when he started fooling around with it. To me he is a kid with a good idea. I hope he learns something here. As a “Veteran” age is something to take into account when, and how you offer help.

Well, now that we are not being mean and we gave him some good advice. How about we give him a break and let him learn. Geret just to let you know you dont have to post a thread to ask a simple question. ( NOT BEING MEAN) Just send us a mesaage. :wink: Well lets stop adding to this thread of of now. And Geret I’ll be looking foward to your ball game demo in about a month. OK? Seriously a month will do you good. Bye Bye

:slight_smile: ~Marshal~:)

In one of his other posts, I thought he said he hadn’t been seriously use the Blender GameEngine that long. Maybe I misread his other post. But thats what i was refering to as far as his expirience in the game engine. Sorry for the miscomunication. :frowning:

I thought you said that you were going to leave the forums.

And on that note…

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