Death/Grim Reaper

I made this model and didn’t really have an idea for a scene so made it just to have some lights and show two different veiws of death a negative and a positive one

It appears that the image has been re-sized, which reduces the quality alot. Also, the robe is too shiny, and the handle of the scythe is unrealistic. There is a crease going down the center of him, and his cloak looks dirty.

You could do a graveyard background for the evil one, and I clouds background for the other one.

I think Death’s robes should be darker, like they’re drinking in the light and they should be drape more on his body to emphasize his fleshlessness.(is that even a word?) :slight_smile:
Maybe stoop him over leaning on his scythe, which should be curved. I’ve always imagined Death as a cynical civil servant. He’s got a job to do, he just can’t quite conjure the vigor and enthuisiasm he had in past days of Plague and famine.
Since I read Mort I’ve been in love with Pratchett’s personification of Death:D
I like the lighting

The lighting of the right one is pretty interesting. The face and hand looks well modelled, but the scythe looks awful IMO and the clothing is way too shiny (specular) and is too tight around his (or her :P) hip. Nice work though, but it can be lots better with a more convincing looking scythe and cloth.

Lol, all fast after eachother :P.

yeah i never liked the scythe, which is why I got rid of it in the right one. I’m trying to make him stoop over the scythe and edit it to make the scythe look more real and change the cloth a bit. I also like the character of Terry Pratchett’s death one of the best characters in any book.

nobody’s asking why death has tits and a booty?

Scythe isn’t just a straight stick whit a blade in the end of it, the handle part actually curves a bit. Do a google image search and you’ll find some good refrences.

I remade the evil one, changed the scythe, robe and the prosture a bit.

Remade the other one a bit and put the images together

I’m surprised no one else noticed this… There’s a big seam running right down the middle of the model. This is a massive give away that you used the mirror modifier. It’s probably too late to fix now, since you already rigged it. Could we have a screen of your rig in pose mode?

EDIT: The robes aren’t very… Baggy for robes. This is completely acceptable, since Blender doesn’t have a cloth sim yet.

heres the rig in pose mode

Your rig would make it a little more difficult to animate (Looks like you don’t have any constraints?), but it’s efficient enough for still shots I guess…

Think of gravity on your robes. If death was pointing at you, the sleave wouldn’t be completely circular. It would sag down. The top of the sleeve would be wrapped around the arm and the bottom would hang.

he should have a guitar… :smiley:
the modelling/posing is coming along pretty well, i like the most recent evil one. Leep it up.