Death in the Valley: Another Robot
In the woods behind my house there are some old cars rusting. They’re upside down, missing doors and wheels, rusting quietly away. I’m guessing they were the inspiration for this unwanted robot, rusting away in the desert…

? I guess the link is down, :frowning: I really wanted to take a view. :smiley:

I like it! Nice piece PlantPerson. It really fires the imagination, makes you wonder what happened to the robot.
I love the specular/bump mapping on it’s head, really comes across well in your render.

Please, you have a good idea, and a partially done image. The robot is cool, but the sand is not. You can just see that you’ve had enough, and given up on it, so you sticked a texture to it and called it done. But it really ruins the nice job you’ve done on the robot. So, pleas, work on it, at least in the foreground. Imagine how that robot got affected by the weather, how the sand once maybe even covered it, and how it got blown off of it by a storm or something, and why it’s halfway covered now. It shouldn’t jus sink into a textured plane, it doesn’t deserve it. I wouldn’t say a word if the robot was just a matchstick man, but it’s not.

I’m not very good when it comes to this sort of thing. I’ll try to improve it later this week.

You’ve done well with the robot, and those grasses are fine as well, just do the same with the desert. IMHO it’s actually about inspiration, I do this all the time, I’m sooo inspired while making the actual character, but I get bored when I get to the background. It’s a pity, really, because the bg makes it complete, so we should hang on to that inspiration 'till it’s done :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips. I’ll try to improve it when I can. I’m thinking I’ll add kind of a bulge in the sand where it meets the robot, as if its piling up around it.

Doing that and changing the texture to actual sand instead of the caked mud stuff would do it.

Is this better?


Wow, the difference is staggering.

sad rustic feel!

I like it!!!


Definitely! Fantastic job PlantPerson, the quality of the work has shot up a few notches IMHO. The undulations in the desert and the new sand texture make all the difference. Well done for sticking at it.

Second image is definitely better… Johnny 5 is most certainly not alive (groans).

I think you could make the sand texture sharper still. So it looks as sharp as the rock in the back. It looks like you mapped the sand using an image so try and scale it down - I think you increase sizeX and Y in the map to section to scale down. Either that or use a higher quality texture.