Death is not bony.

Okay so i thought about it for a bit and decided that death should not be considered a skeleton with a cloak. I believe that death should be more like half angel half demon. Litereally right down the middle :yes:. Because it takes your soul and you can either go to heaven or hell or purgatory(dont really know how that works cause im not religious at all). Well either way i thought it could be a cool thing to model. So i started out with a simple yet interesting sketch of it then started working out the clothing detail, now its time to get some modeling done. So here is the concept art i made.
“I pitty the fool who doesnt comment this !!!”-Mr. T :ba:
By nick_meister
By nick_meister

Nice Concepts!

Wow, this will make for a great game character!

Looks like D.Gray-Man (Black Legion) Anime exorcist.

I can’t wait to see the final model! Congrats on the design.

Have you thought about making it into a game character? If so I’d be happy to PM you an interesting storyline, perhaps?

Anyway, great concept and I hope you finish it!
thats the thread with WIP model of it :slight_smile: