death metal cd-cover

A friend of mine, playing guitar in a local death metal band, asked me if I can make a cd -cover image for them.
So I came up with the following idea (see attached images :slight_smile: ).
I used the makeHuman base mesh for the body parts. The blood was added with the GIMP.

What’s your oppinion about it? How can I improve the image?
I am still not sure whether I go for a realistic or a cartoon style look. For now I choose the cartoon look since the blender output just does not look real.
C&C much appreciated!


I like the concept but it isn’t too shocking.
Imho, If you can’t make them look real go with cartoon style. I imagine something in Canibal Corpse covers’ style.
To the toon image I would add more dirt, blood, entrails, darkness :cool:

Good luck with this. \m/

  • the light on the back tiles looks strange
  • the inner organs look too much scattered, especially on the right picture
  • the spikes which carry the body parts can hardly be identified - work on this, maybe with some blood cover
    sonst ganz gut :wink:

Thx for the fast replies. :smiley:

I added some more blood and wounds on the body.
To achieve a more dirty look I reduced the AO setting.
I also deleted the sunlight to make it darker and remove the reflections on the back tiles.

Maybe a render from another angle will improve the spikes visibility. But therefore I have to model a bigger part of the wall which will take some time.


Lookin good… or rather gross so far. The new shot deffinately is an improvement in my eyes. The only thing I dont really like about the pic is that everything seems to uniform in the way its hanging on the hooks. Like whoever stuck em there took time to straighten them out… I dunno but I dont really imagine some crazed psycho choppin a body into peices then arranging them so nicely on the hooks More likley hell just slam them up there. Im probally just nit picking … but it it were me Id try to . make them look a little less uniform… Prehaps tilting the body a lil or something on them lines… Anyways good job so far keep at it :slight_smile:

look great man

ha ha, I would differ on that point, I like my trophy cabinet neat & tidy.

Trichter> good work, the arm seems of screen a little?
I like my trophy cabinet neat & tidy.:smiley:
Also the arm and legs seem a little disproportional to the torso, unless they are from another body.

Only thing I see that could improve the look of this is the area around the armpit. You might want to tweak that section slightly to show the muscle structure a bit more accurately. The arms look kind of rubbery. Other than that, it looks cool.

if you want, try to really make either the arm or leg severly broken so it doesn’t look like it was cut apart with only a chain saw, but also broke its arm/leg before it got cut