Death of a star

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I really should have done a lot more with this, but I just don’t have the patience to work on any one project for more than a few hours.

Every time I set out to do something in blender, I get side-tracked, and this is what I get. I get a piece I like, but that leaves me wanting, wanting much more.

Not to mention my computer can hardly handle anything higher res than 600-800.

I need two things badly: a new computer, and hell of a lot more patients.

I guess thats why I’m a hobbyist and not a pro.

this could look awesome as a bigger render, to print as a poster maybe. Or as a higher res wallpaper. I can render it at higher res for you if you want.

I really like how the image is calm and yet show something really powerful

Ditto to what Ecks said. Just a beautiful render. Really nice imagery here.


i like the image too, lots of good control with the particals!
very cool to look at.
you big crazy…

Wow. Thank you. I have a lot of respect for you guys. To get such positive feedback from you makes me feel better about my art.

Thanks for the offer, but there are some problems with rendering it at a higher resolution.

1. I used particles to create the effect. I created meshes, and subserf’ed them without setting any particle options on. When you scale it up you begin to see the individual particles.

2. to fix this problem, you would just increase the subserf levels, but that increases the render time exponentially (that’s when my computer begins to choke).

3. now saying that your computer can handle rendering it at a higher subserf level, when you render the mesh at a higher subserf level it brightens because its made of halos. You could tinker with it to get it back to the original brightness, but that would take forever considering the crazy render times.

4. even rendering in parts instead of all at once takes a long time (for me it would be the only way), and the look would be different because of the way halo’s work.

I could probably rework it a bit, but there would still be a lot of work on your end, considering I can only see the effect of changing the brightness at the higher subserf levels if I render it.

If you would still like to try, let me know.

btw. if anyone knows of a simple solution to these problems, let me know.

p.s. wu. I think we are all just bunch of “big crazy sex tigers on the inside” …then again maybe not.

Easy project. Mist make good, to view no bad.