Death of Little Ninja Project ( by Shane Newville )

Death of Little Ninja Project is a sort-of-ending for the original Little Ninja Project that was released July 2009. But…maybe it’s not an ending at all. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

You can view the animation here:


Software used:
-Adobe Premiere
-CoolEdit Pro 2
-FL Studio

Time frame: 3 weeks.

(P.S: Admin, I am not sure which forum is more appropriate for this. It is also in Finished Projects.)

really funny,
I really like this type of animation

Then this animation has succeeded. Thanks.

beautiful…Great Animation…Low poly but very well directed…love the camera changes…it has professional touch definitely… like the quick changes of lens…good approach…and well animated. 5/5!:smiley:

good animation. :slight_smile:

Good piece of animation. I loved the first movie and this is nice conclusion. I have to say that your animation, while not amazing is always good enough (I wish I could say that for my animations) and you are good director (your action scenes would make any kung-fu director proud)

Great work, keep us posted!

btw, I think that simplicity of your models makes animation shine even more.

I agree with all of the the above. It made me smile. Enjoyable and well done.

Going back to the first one. I noticed quite a bit of screen direction problems relating to the Action Axis 180 degree rule. I am not sure if this was intentional. But it is confusing to have the screen direction change all the time. Was this intentional and has it been pointed out before?

Hey Mr Richard, thanks for pointing out the link of the 180 degree rule. I did not know it, and I am always looking for information related to camera movements, angles, shooting periods, best approaches for zooming …etc etc

Cool. Glad it was a help. Pretty much the accepted camera-angle bible is a book called “The Five C’s of Cinematography.” It is still in print and you can find it easily.

Hey thanks. It really wasn’t until I was half way finished with the first that someone introduced me to the 180 degree rule. Even though I didn’t master it, you can see I tried to follow it from the fight scene and on. It really does make difference. Now for every shot I consider this as well as the rule of 3rds. Though I still need to perfect it, it’s nice to know about.

Cool. Yeah, and on the second one, that was not a problem. And yes, it is something you have to practice and it can get complicated. It took me a while for it to become more or less second nature. At first I always had the script girl reminding me. Even though I understood the theory, in practice it was a little more difficult. But when animating your own project you don’t have a script supervisor, lol!

Anyways, thumbs up on your animation!

Little Ninja Project is a very nice animation…

Best part of our day so far!

My kids laughed nearly all the way through, they really enjoyed it.

Very well done… Funny! :slight_smile:

wow. really good animator you are sir. :slight_smile:

And if you really start getting into it - I can highly recommend the Hollywoodcamerawork DVDs. Very detailed and dense information. They’ve got some nice free VFX downloads there too :slight_smile: