Death of Reggae Star

For those of you that appreciate reggae music. Last night Lucky Dube was shot dead during a car hijacking in Johannesburg, SA. Rather sad, but typical South African crime. He was shot dead in front of his children, for his cheap VW Polo.

Sad, very sad, not a big fan of reggae but the man was a legend

Yeh specked it on the first news poster this morning. Not good, was kinda hoping it wouldn’t be mentioned here, but … unfortunately this is South Africa for you. :frowning: Happens all the time.

One of my cousins love this guy. She’s going to be devastated.

Weird. I saw him perform about 15 years ago. Just the other day for the first time easily in about 10 years his name popped into my mind and I wondered what ever happened to him. Wasn’t a huge fan but it certainly is a tragic way to go. Very sorry to hear about this.