Death Pool from MKII

Hi there, this is my second post, I’ve tried to recreate the death pool stage from Mortal Kombat 2, tell me what you think, and what would you improve :wink:


Nice re-creation.

Stared at it for awhile, but nothing came to mind as to what to improve or add. Entire image looks good from my end :cool:

the good old days, boy how times have changed I used to love playing this game back than when we still had an arcade here but that is almost 16 years ago now if you can recreate a stage from Street Fighter you sir will be legend.

i don’t know mortal combat l or II, maybe that’s stupid idk. but i can almost smell the filthyness. It’s a very nice piece of work.
well if you want critique to improve your scene; it is finished just a bit too “clean” maybe. You could add more detail to the textures. like rust on the chain/hooks etc., spiderweb stuff, the dirty water can use some harder/sharper reflection IMO. maybe you can add some (green) smoke coming off it to add some more effect.

overall very good work.

that’s all good ideas, thanks, … and actually it is not water, it is supposed to be acid, green acid.

Thank you for the critiques. :evilgrin:

Can’t say I’ve played MK 1 or 2, so no telling how close your image mimics the real one.

Perhaps a little too much glare through the window grates.
The single torch looks out of place. Either add more torches or remove it.
Add grunge/dirt/rust to floors, walls, chain.

Never played the game myself, either. But you might consider making the skulls more…boney? Right now, they look a little shiny, and real bones have very low (if any) specularity, unless wet, obviously.

Overall, it gets the job done by really selling the ambiance of the place.


Thank you for the critiques