Death rides a motorcycle

Hey! This is a short animation I’ve created for my portfolio using Blender. It is the best animation i have made so far and I hope you like it! Enjoy! :cool:


PS you might wanna turn the brightness on your monitors up cuz for some reason youtube plays it really really dark

Yeah as a demo reel its way to dark.

I’m uploading a better version. It’s weird, in the video editor it looked just right. Youtube sucks! here is a brighter one to take its place for now.

looks good.

Here we go, I uploaded a much larger file with better quality, so you can at least see it. :smiley:

This is not a good image. Try 3dsMax, because Blender is unusable for better images, because it is lack of features.

say whaaat? this is a blender forum…don’t hate!

I suggest you actually use Blender and check out the image gallery here b4 you get all gung ho about PAYING for software.

Or you can just cough up the 10 thousand dollars it takes to render a great image LOL!!

Or go pay over a thousand for a comparable render like Modo, that doesn’t have particles or fluids not even CA.

Endi is a master of blender, but also a troll who likes to evoke responses like yours. :slight_smile: Never mind him when he’s in that mode.

About the video, it’s really cool. I like it a lot.

thank you!

Hmmm… A Great Sense of Animated design, Its really good and Awesome.

wow, congrats. It’s good but could be better. the camera animation should stay. that’s awesome.
but maybe you could add a suspension on the front weels.
and I’d love to see a wheelie around 0:28 :slight_smile: that’s all

though you’re animation is in the finished projects I guess you won’t be changing it.

Great animation!
Endi.:Your comment just made my day:D(also realised that you are from Hungary too,so:Szia!:D)

i coudnt watch the vid it said it was earsed :confused: haha you should reuload it :slight_smile: for the look of the screen shots it looks good

I really liked the camera work, especially the first twenty seconds. The two things I thought you could add to make it better imo would be better looking particles with a tail when he’s dragging his sword on the asphalt and have the camera shake when the red rider lands on the truck to show more impact. But still, very cool animation

So, why is he allowed to stay? :mad: Most forums I have been on ban trolls with little provocation.:no: It does not matter what he is a master of, that kind of attitude is not needed or welcome.

thank you for the positive feedback! i’m glad you like it and i wanted to make something fun that i myself would wanna see. the style is partly attributed to i hate long render times…each frame was rendered in about 5 seconds and i completed the whole project in about 4 days.