Death Star's Greebles Conversion To Blender

This is what I’ve just posted in Deviantart:

This is a 3D model conversion that I did to Blender’s .blend format of the Star Wars Death Star’s surface greebles. The original model was created by 3D artist Wayne Jones - Jedilaw and its available at Scifi3D dot com.

Here in the ZIP file is what you need to create a big part of the Death Star’s surface like what you see in the rendering that I did. The trick is explained in the included PDF document that comes with the ZIP file.

I took the original model and removed all double vertexes, fixed several polygons that got screwed up in the conversion, smoothed all curved surfaces inside Blender and marked all sharp edges and applied the Edge Split modifier to the model as it is done in Blender today.

This was a work of many, many hours in which I did this carefully to preserve the shape of the original model. Now we have another Sci-Fi model that can be used inside of Blender natively.

The conversion was done with full permission by Jedilaw and he is credited fully for his work.

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Here is one example of what can be done rather easily with the package: