Death Street

Hello everyone. I made this in just a couple hours, hope you like it! :slight_smile:
You control the guy in the center (with the red shirt)
There is not point to this game… you can walk around and get run over! And watch as cars
crash and cause pile-ups!
Also, “R” restarts the game. WSAD to walk around, and ESC to exit the game.

Download --> Windows & .blend:

Thanks for playing! Please leave comments, or perhaps play around with the blend, and post it. Like a mod or something. That’d be pretty cool!

Ahhh! You should add a timer for how long you survive! And a high-score! Then there would be a point to it!

I added a timer. Everyone, feel free to leave your score in the comments :wink:
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop… but you can assume the EXACT time… this isn’t a big deal =)

I survived until 23.30

But you should also add a counter for how many corners you have passed, or streets that you have crossed. Because I just stood in the same corner until a car came flying :wink:

EDIT: I tried it again and even just standing in a corner is difficult for 30 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations! New record!!! I only lasted 20 seconds :l

This type of thing is pretty much one of the things I mentioned in an earlier when I talked about concerns of quantity vs. quality.

I respect the fact that you like to make these little games, but by now, I would at least encourage you to learn a bit more about the BGE’s logic system so you can polish off these mini-projects with things like working timers and death/restart conditions. (and doing these things wouldn’t necessarily even require python).

This isn’t meant to be harsh or anything, but we all have an eventual need to hold ourselves to higher and higher standards of knowledge and ability regardless of app. Never stop improving, it’s how we learn and how we grow as an artist, game developer, chef, athlete, scientist, ect…

You could’ve just PM me, I don’t want to turn this thread into another discussion of “learn python” and “it’ll really maker yer games MUCH better”, like poor ol’ Grand Theft Cube… anyway there WILL be updates so you never know :wink:

Well, sup
I downloaded your game, enjoyed it thoroughly. It was awesome. I loved when you were like 30 seconds into the game and the cars were literally flying around and there were pedestrian bits everywhere. Awesome fun :D. I also modded it a little to be able to play with my friend and see my score, hope that’s okay with you. Here is the blend. (BTW I did not use any Python, because I do not how how, yet!)

I don’t think he meant it like that, I think he meant ‘maybe you should polish up your game a bit more before releasing’. He is right, in my opinion, simple things can make a game fun, or terrible. One bug can make the game boring, one feature could make the game fun. One glitched or non-working feature can change a gamer’s opinion very easily.
If you add a feature, put some effort into it, make it working and fun. :yes:
The users on these forums are extremely helpful and insightful, so just ask if you get stuck. I realise this is turning into a bit of a rant, so I’ll stop now!

Also 557 items in one download for a mini-game?!
I played it, I did terrible. 10 seconds.

@Dakantra: It’s awesome!!! I suggest anyone wanting to download, download THIS ONE!
I like the 2player mode :3

@Ross:Blender did it! Ain’t too sure… but aren’t all games like that? I didn’t do anything out-of-the-ordinary to it :S

If you only hosted the .blend on, it’s one file. :wink:

When I uploaded the game to Paste-All, I uploaded just the .blend. RandomPickle97 first converted to a runtime (using an addon) so that his upload could be played without a Blender installation, and during that process many new files were added to be uploaded.
Right ;)?

Yep :smiley:
The .blend is included in the so there would be no need to have 2 individual files uploaded!
I prefer the runtime to the GE when uploading!

This is disgusting.

EDIT: I just saw this post after looking into my account. I don’t remember saying this at all. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

Thank you for reviving this awful, awful game’s thread…

Can a moderator please lock this?

Here’s my score: 59.1 seconds ^^

And this will help you appreciat the game again (I hope ^^):
I changed:
The HUD is now on another scene and will get suspended when player dies.
Camera slow-tracks to player movement.
Player can’t just fall off when walking too far back. Should player walk of an edge its game over.
Game over scene showing you your survival time.
A “Play Again Y/N” scene has been added for after the game over scene.
Updated the .exe with all changes.

At the time, I didn’t know HOW to make the timer stop… but I do now,
I didn’t even think of updating xD

But I like your rendition of it, the slow parent is nice. My ONLY complaint is the text is an odd color. Can’t see it too well.
Other than that, it’s awesome!
Thanks for sharing :]

I know, the text color, its wierd.
Normally its always shadeless (at least it is in my ninja game), and all the other text in the game is.
But now… really wierd, I even gave the text a materiel and put it on shadeless with no result…

Glad you like it though ^^