Death Taker

Yet another Blender Sculpt!

A sculpture of a character I designed. I call him - Death Taker:
An evil henchman of a dark lord ravaging terror on all who oppose!!!

Designed and created using Blender
Rendered in Blender’s realtime GLSL

If you have noticed the little gimmick:
The skulls are sculpted out of Blender’s default Suzanne monkey :slight_smile:

Here is the turntable video:

And here is a little “Making of” video:

For more stuff please visit my blog:


This image proves Blender as an excellent sculpting tool comparable to best stuff out there and kfir as an excellent artist on par with the best digital sculptors anywhere.

5* well earned (my stars don’t show, although I clicked them)

Best feedback I got so far in my life thank you! :slight_smile:
Yes, I am very pleased with this work and hope to create more sculpts like that (and better of course), as I am now in the process of establishing my portfolio.

Looks to be an amazing model, but the lighting is letting him down. It’s hard to make out details of the sculpt and the pose does not shine for that angle, though it looks like a cool pose. I’d love to see it really shine and it’s 99% there already.

poor suzane, great job

wow - another strong sculpt from you - two for two! excellent eye for form, massing, and movement. i’d love to see your take on some classical forms.

I did make the image darker on purpose in a way. I am taking quite inspiration from the master himself, Frank Frazetta. But I do see your point and was not 100% sure as well…

Let me share a new angle:

And Just to check adding more light, I added a Hemi on .3 Energy:

Also check out the AO Bake:

Please let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Beautiful work!

Definitely has a Frazetta feel to it (to that end, I like the original lighting better.)

Nicely done!

As impressed as I am with the sculpt, the GLSL rendering is just as impressive.

You say “real time”, but how long did it really take to render like that?

Each frame is in a fraction of a second.
I use the “opengl render active viewport” button, so I basically never pressed the F12, and there is no time counting for such render.
The full scene plays back animation with realtime glsl (alt+z) settings about 10-15 frames a second


Very cool!

What kind of PC do you have? Seems like a lot of polygons there and I am sure one has to have a beefy PC to sculpt such art (besides talent/skills of course :slight_smile: )

Well deserved feedback IMO! As has been mentioned by RichardUpshur, there is a strong vibe of Frank Frazetta here, which is a major compliment :wink:

p.s. I would be interested to hear a bit about your methodology. Your results are unlike most.

Stunning :open_mouth: This is one of the best sculpts I’ve seen on these forums. Wow!

I’m very impressed to see that you have made this with Blender sculpt mode, that full character+equipment sculpt has so much details that i thought by looking at the picture that you did it with Zbrush .

What kind of polycount do you have on this one ?

I think Blender does not have to hide itself anymore - for real.

Stunning…just Stunning. 5* from me as well.
Dont change the Lighting, you will lose the drammatic look.
If people want to see the details - show them " Wires".
Take care

Amazing work!!
And it’s wonderful you shoose to present it in GLSL rendering! Blender is great to create state of the art properly working game assets.

I’m working on some game assets, and with the addition in the near future of Cycles baking, it will be awesome!


P.S.: Wouldn’t you mind posting the model on sketchfab (or any realtime web thingy), so we all could take a closer look at it in every possible angle? :slight_smile:

As for my PC. Its a relatively standard workstation:
3.4 Ghz amd quadcore
16 GB Ram (at most 6 GB in use)
2 GB Nvidia GTX 650 ti Card

As for working methodologies… I am considering of making tutorials about, light settings, figural composition, anatomy sculpting, sculpting workflow etc. Still in conceptualization. But in brief here is my workflow:

  1. An Idea of what I want to create. Not a 2d concept art, but an impression or a feel. In this example I knew I wanted a character which is like Frazetta’s death dealer, but with more bulk and even more mean. I opened a folder with the name “Death Taker” And started sculpting from a sphere.
  2. I sculpt the forms and look for a silhuette that works.
  3. I add lights and make sure every detail that will be in the sculpt / collectible will be in place.
  4. I Keep adding sculpt detail and always recheck glsl render. Sometimes I even sculpt on the glsl render view.
  5. Extra tweaks, Materials with rampshaders, AO baking,turntable animation.

Some wip examples:

It is funnuy now to see suzanne as a proxy not knowing what awaits… haha :wink:

Awesome! How long did it take you from start to finish ?

You say AO bake, but you can’t bake AO on un-UVmaped model. Do you mean Dirty option in Vertex Paint instead AO ?

Have you tried Vertex Paint on such polygon-heavy model ? (a la Polypaint)