Death Taker

I would love to do that!, but Sketchfab has some problems for me:

  1. Not good for millions of polys
  2. I have no textures on the sculpts I make. I only use vertex colors bakes (AO and Dirt / Cavity) so that doesn’t hold in sketchfab as far as I see… But may be I’ll get around it one day.

There is an option to bake the AO to the vertex paint. So I dont deal with topology or uv’s with this workflow. I also add Dirty paint too.
Vertex painting models like this as if it was zbrush polypaint is just not up with zbrush standards sadly. It is too slow and the brushes are not responding well to the mesh, so for now I dont do any color textures… I hope in the future someone will make it work!

The Sculpt took me about 2 full 9 hour work days.

The polycount is about 3.5 million verts. I could crank it even higher, but because for multires modifier I will have to do some serious remeshing and recapturing of details with the shrinkwrap, so I left it like this and look forward for making a new sculpt!

Aye, thanks for the explanation and for awesome sculpts !

Mega thums up! Looks like super duper MANOWAR Warrior!

Just to make a constructive comment :
Man you’re killer!

Nice work, looks great.

To each his own I guess! I love the new lighting where I can actually see the detail in the shadows. Still Great work nonetheless.

wow, nice character and great pose.
love to see that level of Art came out from blender

Exceptional works on your YT channel, thumb up ! Keep up sharing your knowledge, we all hope to see making of’s soon.

Very nice! I wonder however, is it possible to rig such “posed” sculpts without much hassle?

I’d love to see your detail pass… like how you are getting such great small details. Are you painting to a normal map? Beautiful work by the way. I personally like the darker image. It definitely has a Frazetta look to it which is awesome although you do lose a bit of that great detail.

Very Frazetta. This is truly terrific.

Very nice work man. I hope to see more of your work.

Phenomenal sculpt. I hope you’re posting this at other non-Blender forums.

Steve S

This is just amazing, and you really captured the Frazetta “feel”. Outstanding work, five stars from me! :slight_smile:

Wow, Great feedback thank you!

LiquidApe and Tommywright, When making an image like this, even though I sculpted detail that will not be seen eventually, for me it is ok because the intent of this type of art is the emotional impression and fantasy experience it attempts to deliver. Thus the mood is very important and showing off all details is not one of the objectives. The details, for me are more of a means or a tool for art communication rather than a goal in and of itself. Being in a 3d graphics forum I do understand that showcasing the technical ability of fine details sculpting is also an aspect. I think of making separate renders, maybe clay renders that their goal is to expand on the sculpt detail. I also just now uploaded a new making of video, showing the details in 3d view:

I don’t use any normal maps or displacements, it’s just little polygons sculpted :slight_smile:

anaho, This type of sculpture is sculpted into the pose without any rigging. There is no production topology here. This sculpts serves mainly as 3d concept art rather then a production asset (game / film). I guess you could make it a production asset, but you would have to make many changes to the sculpt to bring it into symmetry and a T-pose and of course, retopology etc. To me the hassle is in visualising the final character while sculpting in a T-pose and then posing it. Working on such a workflow, I tend to lose an artistic feel upon sculpting when the figure has no movement. Also usually in posing from a T-pose, the tissues do not respond accurately to the movement (unless it’s a super rig with muscle simulation :wink: ) And that will demand resculpting after each posing… So, in answering your question, even though I love rigging ( and designed the Pitchipoy rig: ), it would be a hassle to rig this character - about a good few work days.

Steve S, I consider doing so (going to non-Blender forums), but didn’t get around it yet. I feel as if I need at least some 5 or so more pieces into the portfolio like this and the Alien Amazon to enter in. If you have any suggestion I would love to hear! :slight_smile:


finally some great character artist comes out lately! :slight_smile:

MmAaXx, Thank you! I have also seen your works a while back and your timelapse videos, Great stuff!

dude, stop posting this level of work, its bad for moral hahaha, joke. really bad ass job man.

hey can you elaborate on the brushes you used and their roles thnx!!!