Death Tank (Sc-Fi)

Hi i work for new project Sci-Fi tank and this is some progress so any feedback welcome

fo more update in below the page


The model generally leaves much enjoyed watching (like mach jappo :slight_smile: ) More details on the body would be ideal. Good job!!

Hi - generally looks good - especially the wheels! just notice the hard surface modeling of the body. there is very little detail so the textures shall be filling in to that. Also - use some bevel, because the hard corners you get are not realistic and if you won’t fix it it would look off.

ok i will try thank you for comment

New Update


nice work man!

thanks for comment

Looks like a siege tank and a mammoth tank had a baby. Nice work!

Armageddon is coming :slight_smile:
Nice work!

New Update create some detail

New update


I would suggest to think about how it would operate. How would it aim with the turret, how would it move, how parts would be replaced after combat, etc. It is a nice start, but it worth to take a look on real tanks.

I think the details are really starting to look good after your updates. When I think of sci-fi, the things that make it effective are not only the creative side of it, the fiction part, but the science part as well, or to say another way: how believable it is. With that in mind two things stand out to me:

  1. The outer armor plates covering the 4 outermost sets of treads look very strange to my eye being curved as they are. I feel like it would look more realistic and consistent considering you are designing a machine if they matched the design of the inner armor plates; having a straight segment on top. If you had tires under them, a curve would probably fit better because it has to accomodate the shape. But as it is with treads that are flat on the top, the curve doesn’t really seem to have a purpose, unless you like how it looks, in which case ignore my comment.

  2. The exhaust funnels have no reason to be flared out on the top as they are. They remind me of old fashioned record players and just look goofy. The flow of an exhaust pipe will always be limited by its most narrow point, and since exhaust would be coming from the bottom of those funnels, the rest that flares open has nothing other than cosmetic purpose. I feel like it would look more sleek and war machine like if you change their design to something more streamlined.

thank you for your comment, yes I always thought about how working and fighting I made my research using image of the real tanks :evilgrin:

Let me say differently: how do you aim with the turret? The actual model does not allow rotating the turret, moving it up and down.
The parts (elements) of the tracks are too big. Tracks (in the middle) are almost impossible to fix after a breakdown on battlefield.
The ‘pipes’ has a function of what? They seem to be very vulnerable.

Thank you again for your help and suggestion the model is under development so I though about how repair the tank in a battlefield and i make a system to have acces to repair the tank using the “pipes” also the turret can aim easily the model allow rotating (sorry for my bad english )

Welcome, keep on working, it will be nice.

Thank you for your helping

hi thank you for your help and for your comment I appreciate your suggestion

Hi more Update the model is almost finished
next step texture