DEATH TO FROSTY: 2012 Blender Summer Game Competition

Am I a bit early? anyway

Death to Frosty is a small 3rd person adventure game were you play as a Pumpkin that’s a sworn enemy to all snow man of frosty or all things winter he has a host of wacky weapons at his disposal from flame thrower to huge fly swatter that coupled with super Pumpkin strength will make up a hyper fun game…

also need some help so if anyone wants to join my team to make this game a reality please pm me, things that need to get done is animation, game controls, and UI/setup etc…

I’ll post my wips here as I/we progress :evilgrin:

character wip

first level wip

Yowzaa, very nice!

Graphics look really good so far, though the bump mapping is way to over done; I’d lower the spec a lot so it doesn’t look shinny (because it looks fake), but keep up the good work!

I like the pumkin :slight_smile:

thanks all for comments :slight_smile:

JESUSFRK14: you hit the nail on the head, I tweak the textures abit and brighten up the diffuse map

another small update, retweak the trees, and added some rocks

looking good :smiley: I do suggest you work on the tree trunks more… the color isnt right

mokazon: hi dude :slight_smile: nice, updated the trunks now with a darker grey brown hue, also added sky box

I’m starting animation, frosty simple animations of stand, hit, hop, strike, and die… small

Argh - I want to play as frosty - if I win it’s ice-age, if I loose it’s summer :-p (but seriously, it would be to much work).

But when playing as pumkin - if You loose it’s ice-age would be a nice angle.

Looking good so far, like the graphics.

Argh - I want to play as frosty - if I win it’s ice-age, if I loose it’s summer (…) But when playing as pumkin - if You loose it’s ice-age would be a nice angle.

I actually think playing with both would be very nice, would also raise the replay value.

Replay value++++++++++ XD

thanks for comments all, might be nice to play as frosty “squashing” haha lots of pumpkin… anyway did a walk through of the entry level PS going to rework the trees some because of gaps… please crit

another update, starting to setup the first playable character BIG wip though…

The animation is a bit choppy but it looks good. :slight_smile:

:smiley: are there goin to be shadows?

Rossblenderart: smoothed out the animations

Mokazon: cool idea, why didn’t I think of that OK now we have shadow

also added some white mist, I thought it looked pretty good in the scene

I love the progress so far, good job. Minor crits. The snow looks a bit too plastic when lit. It should be bright,but not “wet”. Tree stumps looked too straight cut out at top earlier,but you masked that in later scenes. The camera is a tad bit too close.

Frosty game for a hot summer competition, huh? Awesome!!! I really like the pumpkin character design! Wow, pumpkins are hot these days.
Did you use some image references for the snowy scenes?

hmm… is it supposed to be snow? Like Goh said, it’s too shiny. Right now it looks like ice. If you want know, try turning down the hardness value for specular.

Well, it’s a fight between winter and summer - So the stage probably is spring. In springtime, with warm days and cold night - snow can be covered by a layer of ice. Think it look good - and do also away with the problem of leaving tracks in the snow. The animations also give a impression of slipperiness, Match the look good.

If I should nitpick so is it not so likely with snow left on the trees with the kind of weather that give such icy snow… But it look good so I’l would keep the snow on the trees.