DEATH TO FROSTY: 2012 Blender Summer Game Competition

Goh: thanks for commenting, I’ve tweaked the lighting abit now doesn’t look so shiny

Nezgar: not really photo references, it’s just snowing where I live so I kinda went outside :wink:

mokazon: did that… :evilgrin:

thanks all for your comments, added another update… This time flame thrower is active, added camera controls, and some other small things

Looking very good hanzo, you mentioned it on the screenshot extra extra and I came to look at it, it looks really good so far, the pumpkin head characer is very nice. Congratulations, excelent job so far!

How is the project going hanzo?

NEW UPDATE! I totally redesigned the level

Reallywesome!, very good, add more mist or add an Skydome slow-rotating, reduce bright on tree trunk

Updated enter the frostlands with new level design and updated textures and props also with simple AI etc

This is looking really good, hanzo! It’s Looking a bit laggy though… What kind of fps are you getting in that scene?

I get around 40 fps so the frame rates pretty good but when I capture it gets real choppy :stuck_out_tongue: don’t know how to capture with absolute frame rate…

Maybe you could even do a multiplayer team vs team or player vs player in the future in your game. But what I can suggest right now is to add more ‘behavior’ to the foes, making them more unique; probably you was already planning that, but I’m just making sure you did.