Death[WIP]Stage2 The Body

Okay so i thought about it for a bit and decided that death should not be considered a skeleton with a cloak. I believe that death should be more like half angel half demon. Litereally right down the middle :yes:. Because it takes your soul and you can either go to heaven or hell or purgatory(dont really know how that works cause im not religious at all).

Well either way i thought it could be a cool thing to model. So i started out with a simple yet interesting sketch of it then started working out the clothing detail, now its time to get some modeling done. So here is the concept art i made.
“I pitty the fool who doesnt comment this !!!”-Mr. T :ba:
By nick_meister
By nick_meister

looks promising…good luck

yup sounds cool, good luck & have fun.

Great idea man. I’d actually love to see death as you imagined her but as a female rather then tough guy. In any case- go for it, sounds very promising

lol i would totally make her a female but unfortunately i never modeled a female before so it wont be a good idea to make this kind of a project into a first if u know what i mean. I wanna make it look good :slight_smile:

Okay lol i started on the head, and for now it has no face or ears or hair, but htat is gonna come soon. That is after i get over my 3d block and actually figure out how to create the eye loops :S
By nick_meister at 2007-11-08

Looks good for now :slight_smile: You could always go ahead and do the nose & mouth first.

ok well i went about making the face by making eye sockets and the mouth(well sort of its not complete yet) first and the nose last
and, well i screwed up the nose so now im remaking the geometry of the entire head because of that stupid mistake

ok so i finally fixed the tobology, so the only thing thats now left is A LOT of tweaking(especially from the front) and to attach ears.
By nick_meister

okay fixed the topology, put in the lips, fixed the nose, but still lots and lots of tweaking, cause he still looks like a douche
By nick_meister

His face does look flat to be honest, nose is a bit long an the joint between the nose and the brow is a bit sharp.

Because it takes your soul and you can either go to heaven or hell or purgatory(dont really know how that works cause im not religious at all).

purgatory is Roman Catholic, which is sooo wrong, like they worship statues of Mary, so just heaven and hell.

Interesting concept, perhaps model 2 heads, then use just one side of each.makes it verra different.

@zany_001: Actually I’m roman cathloic and I don’t worship statues of Mary. And no I’m not the religiouse type. So please do not take this into the religiouse realm since this is an artist forum.

@Nick_Meister: Looking good! You might want to try sculpting to get the head evend out and add detail.

Well u guys are totally right i screwed up the poportions completely. Maybe i should redo the entire model from scratch?

well i kinda figured out the heart of the problems. Even though i was using loops, i failed to use them efectively so i created a missive amount of polys on the neck and the back of the head. so right now im working on cutting that amount down so the mesh is easier to control
So this is what i have so far. Yes it needs lots of tweaking but the problems that borg stated for the most part went away.
By nick_meister

looking abit better but the proportions are still a little off. A really good palce to look if your doing a head is TorQ’s face tutorial its a really effective way of doing faces and I use these loops for the basis of all heads i make. Hope that helps


yah i saw that tutorial :). But the problem with it is that it only works for faces, entire heads are very hard to do that way.

What i did is once i’d got the basic face template started extruding the forehead up and back around, from the screenshots it looks like you can do that pretty much ok so id recomend using the face tutorial and then creating the back of the head yourself, or deleting the face part of your head and by deleting or adding some new loops into the back of the head you have joining the face to it to get a really good looking head.

thanks for ur comment but just few minutes ago i actually re topod the back of the head and now its nice and loops everywhere lol. no more excess polys. Now the problem is adgjusting those plys so i can put in the ears:mad:

Woot!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
now doesnt this look better and a lot simpler lol
I wish this was the hardest part of the model, unfortunately it wont get easier from here :frowning:
By nick_meister