Deathmatch Factory GLSL demo

Hi folks, I’m a first time poster, but long time blender GE user, anyway I wanted to show you this deathmatch environment for comments or critique.

All modelling and texturing was done in 3dsmax, the model was then exported as 3ds and imported into blender, where I’ve added normal maps (to just about everything) and played around with the GLSL materials.

All images from the blender viewport, with SSAO and DOF 2d filters running.

Hope you like, and let me know if anyone could use this for an FPS or anythingelse.




Beautiful work! Well, perhaps that’s not the right word…Ugly, grimy, disgusting work! Do you have plans to make a game of this?

Very well done. Welcome to BA!

comgratulations, your first post is one of the best quality enviornments that I saw on bge, i really like your texturing stile, can you show us some of them i think that it looks like you had used very well the texture space.
Nice job

Hi 3dmedieval, glad you liked it, that’s exactlly the effect I was looking for, initially I just wanted to make the factory look slightlly gritty and un-used, but now it looks like it’s been abandonded in central congo for a few hundred years !

At the moment I’ve no plans to make an actual game using the model, I just created it for sale on Turbosquid, and to learn all about the new GLSL materials in Blender. I have the models to make a game of it, eg guns and characters, but for now it’s just a game ready environment.

Thanks for the good word,


Hi Leonnn, glad you liked the screenshots, it’s really encouraging to hear those comments. Here’s the texture and normal map for the interior walls, I had planned to use specular maps too but the materials looked good with just the diffuse (mapped to col and csp) and normal maps. I have used a few overlay textures too, such as stains on the floor and water damage under window cills etc.

Orginal texture is modified version of one found on and normal map created using oopz bump2normal blender file, both invaluable resources.

BTW had to scale these down to 512 for posting, originals are 1024.




HOLY! :eek::eek:
That is amazing (possibly some of the best work in the BGE I’ve seen) Good job :smiley: But how did you get your lighting so normal mapping shows up everywhere (walls for example) when ever I use normal mapping, they show up in one small area, where the light reflects, not across the whole object :frowning:

HOLY COW!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

They should make an GE Gallery section and make you the first, AMAZING!

Hi Jesusfrk14, thanks for the good word,

I think it’s because I’ve used extremeley low hardness values (10-15) for the materials, giving extremely wide highlights so the normal map is picked up by the lighting more of the time. I’ve used a yellowish spotlight (casting shadows) for the sun and blueish hemi light for the skylight.

Also, if just lowering the hardness value makes your highlights too bright, map your diffuse map to CSP aswell as COL, this makes the colour and strength of the highlight dependant on the diffuse texture.

Other than that it’s just a case of playing with the SPEC and HARD values to best simulate the kind of material you trying to simulate.

Maybe strengthening the effect of the normal map would help too ?

BTW I haven’t used any specular maps for this model, maybe that could be an issue ?

Got any screengrabs ?


Thanks man, good call on the GE Gallery, hope someone’s listening !

Glad you liked !


Did you plan out the enviroment first, or did you just start making things? This seems to be a very artistic enviroment with good lighting. I would love to know how you figured out where to put what and your workflow and such.

-Aspiring to be like you :wink: , YoungApprentice

Hi Dude,

I did do some very minor planning on this model, only to work out all the steelwork and pipes etc, but most of it’s just inspired by various photos of old factorys and other abandoned buildings. I do have some architectural experience gained from my dayjob doing archviz, but I find once I’ve decided on a basic layout including window styles, roof shape etc. everthingelse can be moulded round that.

The order went - building shell, building interior, exterior landscaping and then adding props such as lighting, signage and a whole load of other crap like barrels and boxes that make the scene more believable.

I decided to remove most of the roof, just for the lighting, so the sunlight would cast lots of shadows of the steelwork and pipes inside the building. With the roof on it was OK but just less interesting visually.

Hope that helps,


I see…

Interesting! Thank you for sharing this with the community! I think that we can all learn a little bit about design from this!


Hi, looks good !

Could you upload High Res images.

From this samples it seems that ground textures are of much lower quality than the rest of textures in building construction.

Sun light could be slightly stronger.

Foliage have too strong 2D feel to it (especially foliage in building).

Shadows are noticeably of lower quality.

Anyway, this is best GE work I saw to this day.

Thanks, I’ll have to try those things!!

Absolutely gorgeous! This has the graphical quality of a modern game. I could see it fitting right in with a game like Unreal Tournament 3. Nice work on the “dirt and grime” look. It looks awesome!

I hope you get lots of sales :smiley: You deserve it!

Hi Marlin, thanks for you critique, I will try and upload a higher res version, not sure if there’s a limit on this forum though. Also I’ll be taking more screeshots as I get ready to put the blender version on Turbosquid, so far it’s just the max version -

The ground textures are all 1024, although the mapping on the interior concrete floor could be a bit too big, I think I did that to avoid any visible repetiion.

Take your point about the sunlight, I planned to adjust the exposure a bit too, but generally I wanted to keep it fairlly dary and ‘spooky’

Agree with you totally about the foliage, one of my bad habits is I’m still using the ole six sided trees and flat planes for foiage. I’ve seen a 3d ivy generator that grows ivy onto your model naturally, but would have been too high poly for this. I did think of removing the ivy entirelly bit it does help the ‘overgrown’ look

Not sure I could improve the shadows though, the shadow buffer’s allready at 4096 and any highers gonna kill the framerate.

Anyway, thanks for all the comments, they’re a big help !



Hi Dawisch, glad you liked it man, and you think it’s up there with the unreal engine. I had started taking it into Unrealed, but then got carried away with the Blender GE. I’m a big fan of Modern Warfare 2 on PS3, sometimes I just wander about looking at the models and textures, then inevitablly get shot in the back of the head !


Hi Folks, just me again

I just wanted to show you these screengrabs which show the effect of the DOF filter (same as in the bathroom demo) on Deathmatch Factory. I really think the script should be integrated into Blender as it’s rock solid and works really well but it’s nice and easy to set up as a script so it’s all good. It even has Auto Focus !

The SSAO and DOF filters really add to the overall visual quality of a game, I should take some with and without SSAO and DOF screengrabs for comparison. I think it’s right up there with the filters in Unreal, which I think over-uses it’s bloom filter.

Anyway, keep the comments coming, they’re a great help !



You should use capitals on your TurboSquid listing :stuck_out_tongue: Looks more pro

this is amazing quality! i would love to play a game, or make a game, in this environment. it feels very alive…