Deathmatch Ruins

Hi folks, I got some great feedback on Deathmatch Factory (thanks to you guys) so here’s the next installment (Deathmatch Ruins) for critique.

These are WIP screengrabs from the max viewport, and I know this is isn’t, but I though I’d show you them anyway. I plan to add more props to the model to make it a bit less baron before selling on Turbosquid and doing the blender version.

For now, the model only contains the actual stone ruins, grass2gravel groundwork, climbable scaffolding (for sniper positions), some gates to close up the level, and a tonne and a half of alpha mapped grass. Anyone have any suggestions for other props I could put in the level to add a bit of variation and anythingelse to improve the level ? I think what I have in there all looks pretty good, it just doesn’t look busy enough. Seems the more crap you have in a level the more realistic it feels.

I have barrels and palets etc from Deathmatch Factory, but I need some other suggestions. HELP !




That looks pretty nice so far, though it could really do with some AO to get rid of the sense of flatness, especially in the shadowed areas.

Also, if you have scaffolding in ruins that would (at least, to me) imply the presence of archeologists (or restoration) so maybe equipment scattered around the site, and perhaps a trailer or tent or two.

Since there’s fighting going on in it, maybe it’s a ruin near a war front, in which case there might be fortifications like sandbag walls and such blocking gaps in the ruins.

wow the modeling is awesome but the texture on the actual ruins seems a bit repetitive put some variations in there were the walls meet the ground and also were the wall has been broken put another texture there other wise it looks as if it was constructed in that manner and yes it does look a little flat and yes ao would help but I also think it has to do with the repetitive texture. put other minor details in there lik random props and such that would really bring it all together.

edit: also put an arch brick texture over the arches.

Stunning, as usual. I love it you should make a game or contribute your maps to Tactial Assault (A FPS game in the making, graphics are same level as yours) of course that’s my opinion you can do what ever you want with it hahaha

Thanks for the suggestions so far, I wasn’t really aiming for a war-torn scenario, more just an ancient site. In reality it’d probablly be just the ruins, trees and wide open countryside, but for a playable deathmatch level you really need more stuff to hide behind. The scaffolding gives good sniping positions and I’m working on some tents and maybe a portacabin or 2 to give more cover and interest at ground level. Only prob now is I need to fill the tents with archaeology crap to make it look as if a restoration is in progress, which would make sense of the scaffolding. Anyone got any low poly, archaeology / survey equipment ? I know, what were the chances ?

When I take the model into blender, I’ll use the SSAO and DOF scripts as I did with Deathmatch Factory, still quite a way to go before I’m finished with the actual model and textures though.

Great idea of texturing the sectional stone differentlly, I’ll look into that one. Agree the basic stone texture needs more variation too, might try some moss growing in places.

I’d love to make a game using these deathmatch levels, I just don’t have the coding experience to make a game of any real depth, I’ll look into the Tactical Assault game you mention though, is that a blender game ? can you give me a link ?



you continue to amaze me haha what referenced did you use for this?

They posted here, but the GE isn’t blender, but I think the models are mixed (since it’s a user contributed game, some are probably Blender, some not).

The game looks stunning so far.

Hey man, I checked out the Tactical Assault website and it does look promising, GFX looks up there with Call Of Duty. I’ll give em an email see if they can use any of my stuff, looks like they’re still looking for help with enviro modelling. I’d love to see Deathmatch Factory in a working FPS game like that,

Thanks for the heads up.


Your welcome, and so would I :slight_smile:

Hi Folks, Ok here’s all the props I’ve got for Deathmatch Ruins so far -

cement mixer
pile of sleepers
pile of scaffolding poles

Any other suggestions for Archaeology / Restoration equipment ? Anything easy to model would be nice too !




Wow, that’s good!

maybe a hole or two in the ground were they were exivating and if its not to much tunnels would be cool too. and wow that didnt take you long at all did you do all of those props that fast?!

Yep I did think of doing a few trenches, but the idea of modelling an excavator put me right off ! Might just do a few shallow ones that could have been dug by hand. Aree tunnels would be good too, I had an idea for another level where tunnels connect 2 or 3 bunkers in the forrest, kind ww2 style, that’s still on the back burner though.

Yeah, I’ve re-used the pallets and barrels from Deathmatch Factory, although I’ve changed the textures a bit, everything else is modelled for this map. I just got a couple of images of a cement mixer and wheelbarrow and threw a few other basic models together. I don’t mind spending some time on props like these if I think I might re-use them in future. Amazing how often these come in handy for ‘populating’ game levels.

I always think about what else I could use the existing textures for too, I’ve made boxes and pails out of the barrel texture and the cement mixer and wheelbarrow use the same texture, same wheels etc. Always good for getting the most out of your texture memory budget.

Thanks again for the feedback folks, and I should have some more screens soon.


do you hand make all of the textures?

Yep pretty much, I usually start by googling for a good quality, high res photo of say stone then I make it a 1024 tileable texture. I added some shading to the stones on this texture, kind makes the look more 3d I think anyway. In my experience, textures never quite look right straight from the photo, I always like to make them look more ‘3d’ wherever possible.


Since we’re talking textures does anyone have a good texture for the sectional parts of the stone ?, ie where it’s been cut-off ?. Someone suggested these parts should have a different texture for variation of the stone, which I agree with, just damned if I can think of a suitable texture. I guess it’d have to blend well with the existing stone texture but be less weathered and ‘fresher’.

Use like a concrete texture or something :slight_smile:

Hi again folks, got another round of screengrabs from Deathmatch Ruins, I reckon it’s just about ready to rumble, I might play with the textures some more though, still haven’t tried changing the sectional stone to a different texture.

Anyone have any other suggestions ? I’ve hit my 100,000 poly limit though so I won’t be changing the geometry much.

BTW Thanks for the Tactical Assault tip Jesusfrk, I sent them some shots of the 2 deathmatch levels and they liked it, so I’m doing a little trial project for them now.

Muchos Gracias,



Nice! I love the alpha grass/flower textures! Did you create them yourself?

Looks like you hit just the right balance of clutter/open space- it’s looking great!

…I still think Ambient Occlusion would improve the sense of volume.