Deathpen: MOBA

Deathpen (WIP title) is a MOBA type game where heroes go against each other in teams of three to destroy the opposing team’s base while fighting off team bots. What makes this game different from DOTA 2 and Leauge of Legends? Deathpen will take place in the near future and will have a more mature theme; ultimately targeting an older audience. The look and feel will be realistic and dark.

To facilitate the flow of progress, your help is crucial to the completion of this project. If you are a fan of MOBA typed games and is interested in joining the team (team name WIP) the available positions are as follows (please PM me if interested, leave the thread for development only!):

  • Project manager (HyperReal)
  • Assistant manager (N/A)
  • Coder (HyperReal)
  • Concept design artist (OPEN, OPEN)
  1. Character design
  2. Item design
  • Texturer(OPEN, OPEN)
  1. UV mapping.
  • Modeler (OPEN, OPEN)
  1. Character model
  2. Item model
  3. Props model
  • Animator (OPEN)
  • Level designer (OPEN, OPEN)
  • AI scripter (OPEN)
  • Networking (OPEN)
  • Special FX designer (OPEN)
  • Sound FX designer (OPEN)
  • Story writer (yourevo29)

All production and works created throughout the completion of this game will be open-source and free to use by anyone (subject to change). A website will be constructed for the game as well.


Since I’m more of a technical type of guy I’m going to start on the mechanics of the game before I do any artwork. This game will be third person where you are looking down at the map from a more or less aerial view; so I will first try to implement a point and left-click type of movement. Typically you will move in a straight line to your destination if you are clicking within your view space, but I also need to implement path-finding algorithms for when you want to use the map to go longer distances. Also - if you click somewhere where there exists an obstacle, I want it to automatically generate a route to follow which is the quickest. Once finished, I will post what I’ve done for you to use!

Firstly I have to say that I am very appreciated with your project. It is very nice to hear that someone thinking about a fully open source MOBA game. I was also thinking about the same with the open source game and game engine “glest”, but it is too much for my little bit busy life. Can you please give us more detail about the project such as which platform, programming language and etc are you going to use for this project? Are you targeting mobile devices?

Im doing similar Combat system not for moba game, but rpg.