DEATHWAX animation - please comment

I’ve got a number of ideas for this, but I thought I’d start by posting what I’ve got, and see what people sugest…

I don’t get many comments for some reason…

The plot:

Once you put deathwax on your car, you can speed up, but you can never slow down. even if you drive through walls. And you will die because of this.

I want to have shots of the car smashing through stuff, but… well… at the moment the car is curve-deformed, with the object travelling along the x- axis, so it travels along it’s curve. this doesn’t seam to be compatible with having the car as a collider that smashes through soft-bodies. I tried having a separate object for the collisions that travels along the curve, but that didn’t collide either. And I’ve no idea how to do this in the game engine, so rigid-body collisions and fracture-type stuff are out at the mo. Any advice for how I can create an object travelling along a curve and colliding with stuff?

Edit: Hmmm… turns out that objects moving along curves CAN collide with soft-bodies, but I’m not sure how to make this work in the game engine… Anyone know how I can make an object move along a curve in the game engine?


The guy who applies the Deathwax… Made using Rigify… Not happy with the skin-shader but SSS kills it. I’m using BI render here. Cycles is nice, but BI seems better for this. This is animation, so rendertimes are an issue - I have rule of under 20 seconds per frame.


That’s insane!!
I love the distorted feeling of the video!

Diude render this in really good quality and it will be awesome.

Title sequence / opening scene

Still to do:-
Textures and lighting (obviously)
Yogyog logo in can (in the wax)
Hoody character (already made and rigged) polishing car

  • yeah… I was going to leave it at that quality. I want a little grain. If you film shoot at night under streetlights you’d get a little grain as it’s quite dark. I’m going for realism here, but I want a bit of grain for that gritty feel.

Having said that I should improve quality a bit: I’ll turn on Anti Aliasing and I’ve just found out how to make the grainy, AO shadows smaller by setting Max Distance to 1 and ticking Use Falloff. I’m also thinking of mixing in some camera grain I created by making my camera film for a few seconds in near total darkness.

Would people be interested in me uploading models and scenes to Blendswap? I wouldn’t mind, but the way I set up my scenes is a bit… odd…

Add… grain to video is the last think witch you can do… to add realism… this is so unrealistic so… for me the best what you can do… is to render this in Some awesome quality awesome reflections so you just look and WOOOOW. cool stuff…

I think your right. Other people agree as well.

I’m currently rendering a grain-free version.

By removing grain I also lose the shadow under the car, but you hardly notice this.

You have made space time all oobly woobly! I like it!

Title sequence now rendered.

Another scene on open GL render:-

here we see the reason the car can’t stop: - all friction removed from the wheels!

Thinking about the actual driver of the car- should they be:

B: Live Action
C: Invisible

An edit of the work so far to see how well it cuts together…

Is it telling the story?

That white grain if you can delate it it will be awesome… and o intro i would give more FPS because there was a bit of lag.

yeah - intro is at 12.5 fps but it will be a while before I have computing power to re-render.

OK - thanks to a broken laptop mains socket I’m currently without a powerful enough computer for a lot of this project… will sort that soon… but so as I don’t run out of momentum and stop working on this project I’ve decided to list the scenes I still want to do on it, along with what blender techniques I’ll be using, so I can see whether they can be done on machines I have access to.

  • Just after the scene with the wax kicked all over the car:
    Side view of car, close up of wheel going round. wheel stops turning, car is still moving forward. car steadily stretches lengthwise to show speed.
    TECH: simple lattice based car rig, background
  • shot 1: car POV, person approaching (the same hoody-death guy)
    shot 2: side view, car smashes into person. person dissolves/collapses on impact
    TECH: shot 1: existing road + existing hoody model. shot 2: fabric sim for jeans + hoody (after the point of impact the cloths go limp), fluid sim for blood, vertex parents to attach fluid inflow to cloths.
  • shot 1: car POV, van approaching
    shot 2: side view, car smashes into van - van is extruded where the car hits it.
    TECH: shot 1: existing road + downloaded van model. shot 2: softbody for van - fracture for van window. some tests of this have been done.
  • side view of car - now going past so fast the repetitive background creates a wagon-wheel effect.
    TECH: simple lattice based car rig, new, shorter, background image - maybe video
  • shots of the driver’s face looking scared - g-forces pushing their face back.
    TECH: this is the shot I’m least sure about. At the moment you don’t see the driver - but not seeing the protagonist is a little odd. I’m thinking I might do a live-action driver… this would give the impression of a real person in an unreal world. I COULD 2D animate the driver- which is good for expression, but I’m not sure what that would symbolise.
  • shot of a 10 lane wide traffic jam. The car comes out of nowhere at 90 degrees to the other traffic and sends all the cars flying. this would have a huge change of pace as you watch a slow-moving traffic jam before the main car arrives.
    TECH: either game-engine logic or odd one-car-per-bone rigging to keep the cars crawling forward in turn. solid-body physics for when the cars go flying.
  • the car flies through a wall, leaving a car shaped hole. It is now in a well-lit office building. it flies through another wall, leaving a car shaped hole. It is now back on the street at night. the car flies through another wall - this happens over and over again - faster and faster. The holes form a series of frames of silhouettes of a car rotating - the light and dark environments form a strobe.
    TECH: can this be achieved with fracture? Otherwise all holes cut by hand. I light-coloured office environment.
  • at the end the car flies into the water and jesus-lizards ( around 0:22) across the surface of the water. things slow down. We see the hoody character stood on the car punting. across the styx we see hades for cars approaching.
    TECH: ocean sim. dynamic paint. particle effects.

After a long pause…

not sure about these shots… … I thought a bit of slowmo would add something but now I’m not so sure.

Nearly Finished!

I currently seek a guitarist for the soundtrack.

Also - would people be interested in me releasing the game-engine traffic jam on blendswap? It’s not perfect - it has some serious quirks. I think it would make a good screen-saver if that can be done.

What about adding in a second alpha mask layer to add sides to buildings etc? could you use algorithm to do this to street view and build a game???

Einstein would say…as the car approaches the speed of light it gains infinite mass so colliding would be bad for everyone but you, and stretches to infinity in the direction of travel so in a sense it is everywhere from where it started going the speed of light to where it stopped if that makes any sense, also you would start to catch up on light, so you could have it so you start to see everything in reverse starting off slow, and picking up to the big bang?