Debate-►Fake effects (feedback requested)

Hello world! I’m currently working on some explosions, and I’d like to request a bit of help: "Is it actually possible to make a plane(without duplicating it) to show it’s textured/viewable to 2 cameras simultaneously?
►Perhaps some of you guys have seen that smoke/explosion/clouds and all this kind of effects are faked with one or more planes tracking the camera… But I’ve been wondering… How can this be made(the tracking) to more than one camera in multiplayer games? How come each player can see, let’s say, some clouds for example,(made from textured planes tracking/facing the camera) look well to every player and not only to one of them?
Some feedback would be very helpful, and thanks:)

I just tested and halo/billboard planes work for 2 cameras at the same time.

Why did you ask this question?

Edit: Ok i get it, you just want to know why it works like that. The billboard plane is only rotated when the rasterizer draws the scene, each camera has to construct it’s own view matrix, during this construction the plane is treated as a perpendicular surface to the camera.

Could you please provide a blend file with your test? I couldn’t find it:no:…
*Thanks for the answer and effort:)

Yeah sorry, I tested it at work.

But, it works for any object with halo or billboard set in the texture face options.

If you are making billboards by having the object ‘track’ to the camera, then it will not work.

Very thanks mate! (you’ll definitively be(though you may or not be interested by it:D) in the contributors list in the credits of the project we’re working on-see sig). I just hope I’ll manage to get this to show thrusts/beams well:yes::slight_smile: