Debris from explosion shows up at strange location

Hi all,

I’m new to Blender, but i’m already getting used to this wonderful program.

I have a tiny question about the game engine. I have created a simple scene to test an explosion with debris. I have made a plane for the explosion and the debris is duplicates of the original, which i’m blowing op (sounds a bit destructive). The explosion and debris are on a seperate layer, and then added upon collisions.

The strange thing appears when I make af copy of the orginal object. When I collide with the new copy the explosion appears at this objects pivot, but the debris is appearing at the original object. I can’t figure this out.

Maybe it’s easier to see for yourself. You can find the file here:

Movement is the with the arrowkeys.

Any help is much appreciated…


It’s adding them to the right place, but they have an animation set that sets their position! The animation will always set them to the same place because you used loc ipo. To counter this, you can parent all the debris objects to an empty at the center. Then, instead of using 8 actuators to add all the debris objects, all you have to do is add the center empty, and it will work just fine (and their loc ipo will be based on position relative to the empty, rather than relative to the world.)

Hi saluk

Thanks a lot for the help. It seems so obvious when it’s explained. I was mislead by the fact that the explosion plane was animated, but that was of course af size ipo.

Thanks again!


Btw, when have ipo done for an object, notice that you only have then ipo active that’s used, like, when use Loc it will lo x,y,z, so when only x is used, delet y, and z. When not, the object will to it’s locked place in game :frowning: